Sunday, November 01, 2009

Definitions in my life.

Because i'm stubborn like that.

I'm rather uptight on how certain words are used in life.
Off the top of my head: Blogger and Gamer.
I know i know... certain words are kinda subjective, each one to it's own.

But honestly, i find it annoying when some people use those words just because they jump the bandwagon, or they just wanted to sound cool.

Take example word mentioned: Blogger.
You see so many people referring to themselves as one, just because they have a Blog. They update once, then you never see them ever again. Like er... hello?

Then Gamer.
So you play WOW once.
No, that does not make you a gamer.

A gamer, is someone who plays RPG. Like real RPG not some Barbie mission conquest FTG. Take Final Fantasy, Devil May Cry, Final Fantasy, Suikoden, Final Fantasy, Metal Gear Solid, Assassin's Creed, Final Fantasy etc etc, and the likes of Final Fantasy: those are true gamers. They live and breath proper RPG games.
Yes, i'm a sucker for Final Fantasy so sue me.

I don't know, i guess the definition's pretty wide. As long as you have dedication to the game, i guess you can be called a gamer.

I am NOT a gamer, contrary to some people's thoughts on me - particularly my ICPU lecturer lols - because well, i don't spend 24/7 on a new game.
I haven't even finish a game! Not even my favourite FFX (i blame my brother. He finishes everything and i watch so technically, i've finished the game too you know =P.).
The closest i come to finish a game would be FFIV. But you don't need to know what happen i feel like killing myself every time i think of it so close yet so far T-T...

But yes, i *am* a part-time gamer.
Why part-time?
Because for one: Once i start playing a game, it's 24/7 on that game. I can not eat, bath or sleep just so i can continue the game. If possible, i wouldn't mind not doing all those stuffs when i am in "game-mode" (just as long as i don't suffer the consequences of all).

I wouldn't want to sleep. The first thing i would do upon waking up is switching on the console. I would eat and play at the same time if possible (tried that). If my console is water-proof you know what i would do with it.
Yes, it is.
(Don't ask me why i haven't even finish a game if so, just don't.)

I don't live and breath games, but give me one game i love, and oh yeah!
But mind, part-time. Love them and all, lack dedication nya, but can be so so so hooked to it!

Oh yes, very anal on why some people would consider them those aforementioned, just because they did it once (of course, varies among stuffs). I mean, if you dive just once (and not planning to do it again) that doesn't make you a diver so to say. Is it because it's just cooler to say so?

I don't know, to me it just makes you sound pretty... i couldn't find any word which won't make it sound judgmental so i shall stop there.

I've been Blogging for 5 years, but i don't call myself a Blogger. I just lack the dedication.
Maybe someday when i constantly update and with pics what not, maybe then will i call myself a Blogger.

And till that day, no, i Blog, but not to the extend of considering myself a Blogger.

So yeah, definitions in my life are important. To an extend.
It's a just because thing i guess =)!

ps: Oh yeah, you can disregard all those you've read. Because for one, it's my own opinion. I can be a-nal when it comes to word-usage hehehe.
Plus i just like to rant just because =D! No reason really, just want to type it all out!
LOLS, talk about randomness and time-wasting XD!

ps: People who play online-games are NOT gamers strictly speaking. So do mini-games which includes puzzle games. No, playing Sims does NOT make you a gamer too. So do versus fight games. At least to me, eheh!~
Yes, i am a-nal like that.

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