Friday, November 20, 2009

Leopard Seals.

I find a lot of adults like to teach kids that, "Ok, this is a puppy. It is cute and harmless."
And then, "Ok, this is a (put dangerous animal here: shark, crocs etc). It is a "bad animal"."

Kids are simple. They don't know anything "in between". They just know "bad" and "good", kinda like superheroes and villains see. Nothing is ever in the middle, generally speaking of course.
So if you're big and ugly, you are "bad".
If you're cute and adorable, you are "cute".
Nuff said.

Seriously, it always gives me the super WHAT TURF thing in my head. Talk about teaching your kids "the right thing" *snort*!!
I think its what adults teach kids which is probably why so many animals are actually going extinct, because we don't bother educating them on whats really important, which is conservation of all species because it is all interlinked!

Yes, go on thinking: "Here she goes going on and on about Shark conservation."
Hey, it's because deep down YOU KNOW I AM RIGHT, but you're just ashamed to admit that YOU ARE WRONG, and thus, you mock me!!

It's ok, we are all just human =D!

When i have a kid, i'm going to let them watch "The Lion King", and teach them how there are no such things as "bad animal" or "good animal". And i am going to teach them about "The Circle of Life".
Because, well, that's how i learned as well.

It's all about respecting you see. Every animal (generally speaking) has a right to live in this world. There is a reason why they existed.

There's no such thing as "good or bad" when it comes to animals, wow, like "sharks are bad because they eat cute wittle seals", but turf, have you ever thought about the consequence if your "cute wittle seals" over-populated??

Anyways, check this video out, i was totally amazed and everything!!

So totally awesome!!
I wonder how it feels really! It's like... WOW!

One of my favourite animals has got to be Leopard Seals! So adorable =3!
Yes, i have a thing for "dangerous animals"! No, i do not wish to swim or be anywhere near them! But yes, i really do like them!
I guess because well, most "dangerous animals" are always misunderstood... so i think i can relate to them. And i personally feel that if you understand an animal enough, instead of fearing them, you respect them and thus, you would feel the necessity to conserve/ protect them. Hmm...

Neeways, small confession!
When i went to Sydney last June this year, i badly wanted to go to Taronga, but my cousins thought that since we were to go to Australia Zoo, we can give this a miss.
I thought i was ok with it, but well...

Long story short, was supposed to go on a cruise with mom and cousins and nephews on Friday, when on a spur of the moment, like 5-minute decision making thingy (something i'm never good at, decision making between two things i wanted, AND I HAVE TO MAKE IT QUICK!!), i have to decide either to go for the cruise with my cousins and mom, or Taronga alone.

I chose Taronga, and changed my cruise ticket for Taronga 5-minutes before the ship to Taronga leaves! Talk about being spontaneous!!
I guess it's a little bit sad having to miss out time with mom and cousins, and cruise!! But hehe, no regrets! I have such an amazing day at Taronga!! Though i did waste a lot of time at the first half of the trip (long story), but still, it was hell of an amazing experience! I LOVE TARONGA! XD

What eventually made me decide to go for Taronga was, well:
- World-class Zoo
- Platypus!!
- Leopard seal =3!
And yes, i am a sucker for (proper and world-class) zoos (which is why PETA and i will never get along).

They are the only Zoo in the world to have Leopard Seals!!
After watching Eight Below and learning about Leopard Seals (although they *are* portrayed as the "mean animals" in the film but whatever), i don't know, i just feel this fascination to want to see them!!
And wow, i can't tell you how much i love Leopard Seals!
Seeing them in front of you, it's just so amazing! The way they swim and everything, i was amazed! I think i could sit in-front of their underwater glass-display the whole day just looking at them (^^ )!

It's a wonderful experience, being able to visit Taronga, which is something i am super grateful for, and one thing i would never ever trade for anything else!

So stop being a wuss, and teach kids the right thing. To respect animals, not to fear them. Nuff said!!

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