Saturday, November 21, 2009

I hate school holidays.

Oh bloody hell.

I *have* to write this down.

Was in Rock Corner @ OU just now checking out The All-American Rejects' and Boys Like Girls CD.
So while i was looking-looking... the Rock Corner guy came over and showed the two munchkin girls AAR's Move Along CD.

This is the conversation as below:
Munchkin: "Oh no, i'm not looking for this one, their first album, the self-titled one." *proudly*
Dude: "Oh that one, that one's not available, because it's an independent album..."

And i swear my glasses almost drop then. And it really did happen.

The munchkin proceeded to go, very dramatically:
Yes, she WHINED.
In broad daylight in public in-front of two strangers!!

I was like OMG am i really seeing this?

So the dude proceeded to explain...
Dude: "Because it's an independent album, so it won't be easy to find anywhere."

You would've thought his explanation was good enough, but no, because munchkin went again:
"WHY??? *realizes how whiney she sound* Oh ok ok, thank you bye bye *leaves shop with other munchkin*."

Like OMG.
So now you know why i hate school holidays so much ey?
It's the MUNCHKINS. I swear it's them. OMG.

Munchkin-issues aside...
You know you are a super horrible fan, when ME, *the* most horrible fan in the world (check previous post), calls you a "bad fan"...
Which part of independent do you NOT understand???
Ok, maybe you *do* understand independent, but rather, just want to whine (and drama) because you can't get like, the most Awesomest band ever's first album...

Because YOU are a munchkin, and it is bad enough the mall's jam-packed with people!! And since school holidays started i have to put up with YOU GUYS some more!! Whining like that isn't going to help you guys survive in OU seriously!!!

I tweeted this earlier:
I don't mind the munchkins, i just mind the munchkins A LOT. If you ruin any movie for me with your squealing YOU ARE GOING DOWN!!

And i pray for the sanity and peace of people who follow my tweets, because i am sure i will rant like mad about munchkins ruining my life.

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