Wednesday, December 30, 2009

I dream a dream.

Edit: The next day after this dream i dreamed of thinking about the pros and con of using a shotgun what turf.

This is getting ridiculous.

My L4D2 withdrawal symptoms are getting serious.

You see, whenever i play L4D2 (or L4D before), it's usually continuous playing for a few days, then stop for awhile, and continue.

So why i say it's getting serious?

Apparently, during the "stop" period, i will either dream about zombies, saving the world, or about sniper (or basically just guns).

Last night, i can't remember the full details, but i remember a lot of people were all hiding at strategic spots around this place with loads of floors, and stuffs.

I think it was a movie set or something? We were all just waiting for the shoot-out to start.

But apparently, there is two bad guys hiding behind some boxes near me, and they have like really powerful weapons. They are trying to sabotage the place or something?

Nobody else knows about them except me. I was thinking if i should just yell or tell someone, or sabotage their plan, but i'm afraid they will shoot me what turf.
I was thinking i should shoot them instead... but i only have a handgun (the default melee weapon in L4D2).

And they have the silencer machine gun thingy (but somehow the size is bigger), and also the sniper (also somehow turned into XL?). They were wearing black suits in shades, like Men In Black what turf.

Then i woke up liao, so i don't know what happen next.

But seriously, this so only mean one thing.
What turf.

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