Sunday, December 27, 2009

Boys Over Flower - 流星花園, 花より男子 and 꽃 보다 男子.

Why is it my favourite idol drama of all time?

Check-list again!

Storyline: Girl entered a school where majority are super rich people and somehow offended one of the most powerful(?) guy in the school.
Ok, i suck at synopsis what turf, but anyways...

Drama: Oh yes, definitely!
(And it's hilarious! And the antagonist of the show is evil, but not too "reality true evil" those type if you got what i mean!)

Dreamy: Hell yeah. So yes!!
Favourite part will always be the maid and act-sleeping part. (If you watched the drama you would know what i mean!)

Far from reality: I don't know, it's very unlikely for anything inside to happen... but somehow it's not "too fake" you know. =D

ALL THREE COUNTRIES ALSO NO (although the Korean one is kinda sampat at the beginning, but i grew to like her in the end!).

This idol drama's "main" selling-pointing is their so-called "F4" *shivers*. So the four dudes must surely be good looking!

Let's look at this by countries:
Taiwan:Well, to be fair when i first watched it i like Jerry Yan. Now er... let's just say i'm spoiled by Japan and Korea's version... so... =D! No check!
Japan: Got two out of four i like! CHECK.
Most important is Oguri Shun 小栗 旬!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Korea: FOUR ALSO HOT BUT LEE MINHO FTW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SUPER ULTRA CHECK CHECK CHECK CHECK CHECK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Conclusion: IDOL DRAMA... in a way.
But one eiko-chan loves because there's NO dumb female lead =D!

Let me explain:
The thing with 杉菜, つくし and 잔디... ok i'll just go with Tsukushi, since the original version is the Japanese one anyways!

The thing with Tsukushi, she is not your typical (dumb) female lead! That alone is worth 10x brownie points liao!
She is book-smart smart (she studied LAW in the Japan version, and MEDICINE in the Korean version), she is also street-smart smart (aka not dumb lar), and not afraid to rough it out, is determined, hard-working all those, won't bow down to anyone those type... etc etc... blah-blah-blah.
And she can kick the male lead's ass oh yeah!

Most important is she's not dumb, and she knows how to stand up for herself!

And she is likable! Or maybe it's just me, but seriously too many idol dramas has those "dumb female leads" which made me want to stab the scriptwriters with my calculator liao what turf.

This one - 流星花園, 花より男子 and 꽃 보다 男子 - is different in the sense it has all the "main ingredients" on what makes an idol drama, yet it still works (for me) at the same time!

Thus, my favourite one (^^ )!

And as regards to male leads...
Lee MinHo and Oguri Shun did nothing to make me bias ok noooooooooooo!!! I'm not bias what turf.
Ok lar, apart from those two...
I love 道明寺, 道明寺 司 and 구 준표's character HEAPS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Somehow or rather, i lazy explain why but so be it, i like can liao!! Hah!

I don't like 花澤 類 (Chinese) and 윤 지후 (Korean) (ok it's getting annoying having to type the same character's names in three different languages what turf)'s character, but i LOVE 花沢 類 Hanazawa Rui the Japanese one!!!

Reason being well, his Oguri Shun 小栗 旬 lar, what's not to like =P!

Ok ok, stop being bias!!
The reason why i like ONLY Hanazawa Rui the Japanese one (i sound racist what turf), is because i like his relationship with Tsukushi in the drama.
Instead of making him like the poor heart broken puppy who got abandoned (what turf), he is actually helping them to be together!
Not your typical one-sided love, but well, really friend friend!!
Even if not, well, at least he don't put on that "OMG i love that girl so much but she is with my best friend liao i heart broken see my emo face" look.
And his Oguri Shun 小栗 旬 FTW! Hahaha!

And thus concludes why this is my favourite idol drama ever!
Also because i very malas liao and wants to go out!
Till then!

And because I CAN:

I think his the best looking Rui ever =D!
*runs from SS501 fans*

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