Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Wow, apparently a lot of people have this perception that i:
- Only listen to Korean musics.
- Watched tons and tons of Korean dramas.
Among others, but let's just stick to these two points, because i feel i need to clarify.

Now, it is not wrong to perceive me as so. I won't blame you, even if you based such judgments *because* i'm a Super Junior fan.

I find that most people have this perception that if you like Korean artists, it also means you must like everything Korean.

I blame those "little girls siu mui mui" for it seriously. They are the reason why "older fans" image are tainted what turf, because the siu mui muis have this tendency to suddenly want to be and do everything Korean just because they like Korean artists.
(Clarify point: To be fair, i remember liking everything Japanese when i first got into J-pop. But Japanese culture were not very popular here then, that it was difficult to be involved in anything Japanese except for Kinokuniya and food, so i justify myself here what turf.

Besides since this is my Blog i shall diss those siu mui muis as much as i want and nyeh-nyeh-nyeh boo-boo! Because they annoy the crap out of me.)

To answer your question, NO, i do not like everything Korean.
Yes, i LOVE the food and shopping, and i miss that place terribly, and speaking Korean is FUN!!
BUT that does not mean i have to worship the ground of everything Korean.

BTW, i don't like Korean's national football team. Team Japan FTW!!
Ah, i still remember the good 'ol 2006 FIFA World Cup, when Hallyu just started to get popular in Malaysia, and the amount of Team Korean fans sprouted out like mushrooms after the rain. Classic.

Anyways, back to what i was saying, NO, i do not like everything Korean. I like what i like, finito.

I don't listen to Korean music only, and the amount of K-dramas i've watched can be counted with a pair of hands.

No i'm serious! Please don't give me the weird eye!! It's true!!!

Let's start with songs:

The songs i listen to are kinda limited. I listen to songs which i like, and that's about it. There are no specific genres, as i don't believe in binding myself to a certain genre, though i find that most of my favourite songs are Pop or Rock, and my favourite bands are mostly Alternative Rock (or Pop Rock) bands.

And definitely, since i don't limit myself to genre, i sure as hell don't limit myself to only one language!
Furthermore most mainstream Korean songs are not Rock, and how can i ever live without Tyson Ritter's voice what turf.

I don't listen to every single new Korean songs which are out and hot at the moment. I don't even know what's the latest popular songs in Korea now!

Furthermore, i do have more English songs than Korean songs on my iPod... if not including Super Junior's of course.
Not like it matters, i'm just saying that if i happen to hear a song, and i like that song, i'll listen to it, regardless of it's genre or music (or even artist MOF). I just listen to whatever i feel like listening to at the moment.

To conclude, i guess you can say i only listen to songs which i like, and that's it.
And i definitely don't bother with what type of song it is!! If i like it, that's a keeper!

Then Korean dramas.
Most of the dramas are too predictable, weak storylines, draggy and plain dumb female leads.
Oh yes, and someone will always die.
Or sick.
Or they may share the same parents what turf.

And most of all, i hate having to read subtitles bloody hell.
I don't mind English subtitles, but i can get Chinese ones more easily and thus...

Dont' get me wrong, i still appreciate the fact that i can read Chinese! But i'm just lazy nya, because i'm super slow (in reading Chinese)!
And having to read Chinese subs while watching Korean dramas means i can't multi-task, thus, though there ARE Korean dramas which i really like and had finish watching, in conclusion i still very lazy to watch most Korean dramas.

And yes, the ones which i had watched and like are:
Boys Over Flowers. Coffee Prince 1st Shop.

Other than those two, i've also watched (as in complete):
Stairway to Heaven. Love in Harvard. (took one year to finish whole thing what turf) Full House. My Name is Kim SamSoon. Gung.

I've watched Winter Sonata and Autumn in my Heart in snippets. I know how the story goes, and it's ending, but i was too lazy to finish it properly.

That should be all the Korean dramas i've watched.
And i haven't watched any of it again btw, except Boys Over Flowers i think, because that's my favourite!!

So yeah, now you know.
In terms of dramas, yes, i do rant and go on-and-on about how typical some dramas can be *coughYou'reBeautifulcough* but i till watch it. Why?

I guess because i'm just a sucker for it.
And i think i've posted about it before? Hmm...

But no doubting that i still don't like watching Korean dramas. Even if it has a plot which attracts me to watch, and can somehow made me finish the whole bloody thing.

Ok, to end it in an orderly fashion, NOW YOU KNOW!!
As much as i'm sure people will still continue with that very preception - won't blame them - but i hope at least you do understand what i'm trying to say!


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