Monday, December 07, 2009

Bloody hell.

I'm not going to help them generate publicity. I just want to rant out my feelings!!

You know what, SCREW YOU. And congrats, you made me curse (at you) on Twitter. My first ever "official" curse on Twitter. Actually, i think on the web in general.
I made this point to not actually "curse" on the net, that's another story for another day - but seriously, just so freaking pissed.

I'm so angry now i don't know what to type. So before i go on a bloody rampage which nobody else will read...

It's bad enough Sharks are not getting the protection they deserve due to pre-conceived "image" (that they are "mean animals") from the society, especially Chinese/ Asians.

After releasing this stupid bloody film, you're just giving more excuses for people to not protect sharks.
Let's just face it. Humans are DUMB. They will believe anything you shove onto their face, especially when it's something they don't want to care in the first place.

Plus, it's also bad enough that Shark's aren't furry and cute looking. Nobody wants to conserve them because of so. Now with that stupid film, you're just giving them more reason to not conserve sharks.
("Aiyar, they also not endangered... some more so ugly... no need lar...")


I am a Shark-Conservationist. Ok, all i did was to not eat Shark's fin (SEVEN YEARS EAT MY PANTS YOU PEOPLE WHO DO!!), but hey, at least i'm doing something, and it makes me feel good.

And can you believe my whole entire 7-years i've only met ONE PERSON who does not take Shark's fin as well? ONE. How sad can that be.

Apart from that, i've never manage to persuade anyone to follow suit. I think maybe because i approach it in a manner not to well, so i give up.

There is a difference between not ordering, and pledging not to eat at all btw.
There is also a difference between "i have not eat it for years" (because nobody orders it), and vowing you won't eat it.

Look it up suckers.

Never mind that people don't care what i say and just continue eating. I also don't want to care liao. You're the one sinning (in my book, that's one of the most deadliest sin btw.), not me.

What i really really really hate it people who gives excuses for them to eat.
"They are not endangered."
"Aiyar it's not true."
"Aiyar don't need to worry about it one lar."
"Sharks are bad."

Or worst, just pretending that i'm not saying a thing at all bloody hell.

You like to eat it, you admit it, i'm ok with it. I cannot urge you to follow me just because it's something i think it's right which you don't care (I am not Christian.). Just don't persuade me to do so nya. You do your stuff, i do my stuff, finish.

Just don't bloody give excuses to cover up what you did!! And those people are supposedly older than me. Heesh.

I really hate those type of people man. FUCK YOU!!

To the people who made the untrue movie:
I see that you're kinda endangered too, being a jackass, and possibly the only one in the world.
Since we don't need to protect sharks anymore, them being "not threatened", we should so hang you by the pinky in Alaska and dunk your head first into an outhouse' hole what turf.

May the Polar Bears have mercy on you what the turf. But i doubt they will even touch you. They are too cute and cuddly liao to have your scumness on them what turf.


Bloody hell insult people who are actually helping the world nya BLOODY HELL!!

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