Thursday, December 31, 2009

2010 New Year Resolutions!

I shall come up with 13!
Because i am Awesome like that!

But honestly, i wonder what else is left for me to do, since i am, already Awesome.
( ̄▽ ̄)ノ
Ok, i shall be humble. XD

I think i should ensure that as every year come to an end, i'll make New Year resolutions for the er, new year, then review them again at the end of that new year to see if i had achieve it!
A quick check through my archive informs me that i made a very stupid 2009 New Year Resolution, one which i will never ever ever achieve.

So moving on, here's my 2010 New Year Resolutions!
  1. Go for an Island Holiday.

    I'll push Ah Ma off the end of the pier thingy oh yeah!!
    (ps: Not that island in the picture lar!!!)

  2. Be a better Blogger.
    Take more pics, post more pics and stop ranting so much like an idiot, because chances are people won't understand half the things you say because you go at a different wave-length than most people what turf.

    And definitely be more hardworking in being a Twitterer Blogger!!

    And not let little things stop you from blogging what turf.

    This ties with no. 7 really. Eh.

  3. Be better at expressing my feelings for others.
    Because people who loves me deserves every ounce of it (^^ )!

  4. Be humble.
    Difficult. So not even bother attempting. I'm just putting it here just because.
    This one surely won't achieve one because i am AWESOME!!
    Narcissism FTW!!! ♡

  5. Make an effort to dress up when i go out.

    Ties to no. 7 too argh, why is no. 7 like the core to everything??

  6. Lose weight.

    Ultimate one.
    One i said every year, yet i did not accomplish every year except 2001 FMAL.

    I just want to be able to wear super colourful skinny jeans and pull it off.
    ... i don't literally mean pulling it off bloody hell. As in look-good-in-it!!

  7. Stop being so lazy.

    No wonder why (everything ties to no. 7).
    Because i'm lazy to the core.
    So i resolute not to be that lazy anymore!! Go go go!!!

  8. Learn a musical instrument.

    In real time, and not RB what turf.

    Besides when it comes to RB already master it (medium). Hah!

    ps: It's a coincident why some of the pics are from the super-idol drama 미남이시네요, because i was Googling for 장근석's pics just now ㅋㅋㅋ. (ok, maybe not a coincident whatever lar, whatever.)

  9. Stop procrastinating too much.


  10. Tweet less.
    Yeah right you bet i will.

    Nah, not bothering as well.

  11. Stop being so random and retarded.

    I will just be me =)!

    In fact, i resolute to be even more random and retarded and annoy the daylights out of everyone!!

    Oh yeah!! ♡

  12. To be more evil and mean. (under my own definition)

    Because being evil will always be Awesome! Oh yeah! ♡

  13. U.

Of course, as you can see the main purpose of the list is to show you how retarded and random i can be, so i advise that you don't take anything you've read seriously what turf.

And also because by saying that way i can save my own skin just in case i didn't accomplish anything off that list!! Hah! I'm smart =D!
Yes, there are a few "more supposedly serious ones" which i've made, which i will not publish. If i achieved it only i'll post wookie??

Happy New Year (^^ )!
May your new year be as Awesome as i am! Oh yeah! ♡

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