Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Don't talk to me like i'm a kid.

You know one of the things which annoys me.

Here's the story.
Donald D. was admitted into the hospital for elective surgery on Sunday night, with a room to his own, and surgery on Monday morning.
When we visited him on Monday evening in the NICU, his belongings were still in his room.

Today, he was supposed to be transferred back to his room in the morning, but somehow he was not, and his room was given to someone else.
Which is FINE. Who cares lar, plus who would want to pay for a room you won't be sleeping in?

But what about his belongings?

Ask his floor punya nurse, they tak tau.
Mind, i wasn't screaming or angry, but i didn't bother being friendly because i was sleep deprived (self-inflicted) and hungry. Not an excuse, but whatever.
They didn't know where his stuffs is, but it is possible the NICU nurses took his belongings.
They are nice, they said they will check, but asked me to go NICU (where he is anyways) to see if his belongings are there.

So i went, and upon glancing into his room i can't see his bag, so i asked the nurses.
I was explaining when my mom just cut in, so i told mom to let me explain (too many mouths might just confuse the nurse). Maybe i wasn't explaining properly, but the bloody nurse...

Don't get me wrong, she is nice and friendly (surprised, i was used to unfriendly nurses the nurses there so friendly it got a bit mind-boggling at times, haha!), but i guess she thought i was angry because his room was given to others.

So she proceeded to explain to me, SLOWLY like i'm a bloody 3 year old kid who can't comprehend English what the turf. Some more don't let me cut in.


And used words like, "if you can afford to pay for the room *and* the NICU, of course we can let you have the room, but no point why want to pay for two rooms" (something like that) bla-bla-bla to be honest i wasn't listening properly because well, she's not telling what i want to know, why listen?

Like i said, i'm only interested in his belongings, so i said:
"I don't care about his room. Give it to someone else. I'm just asking for the belongings IN his room before. Where is it now?"

It turns out another nurse took his belonging the night before, and kept it in the cupboard in his NICU room (thus why i cannot see).

And that nurse (the one who took the stuffs) was the only who listened throughout our conversation what turf.

To be fair, i don't blame them. I probably sounded mad so they were trying to er, "calm me down" i guess. Fine.
Don't answer my question, fine too, maybe i might have conveyed it not so properly it leads to misunderstanding.

What made me mad is:
The minute she started he "slow-talk" i went !@#$%^&* in my head liao bloody hell.

I guess if i was mad about the room matter, and you talk slowly to me like i'm an idiot, i have nothing to say.
But when i'm asking about SOMETHING ELSE COMPLETELY... STFU really, STFU.

Ok, back to watching idol drama what turf.

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amane said...

They only care about is zzz around and how to find ways to torture you mentally.
I always find them talking nonsense and laugh loud loud wan. =_="