Monday, December 28, 2009

The perfect idol drama.

Wah, just spawned like, 3 entries about idol dramas in a row!!
All which are half-heartedly drafted, forced to finish, and rushed to post what turf.
(Because if i don't post, there'll be too much drafts lying around. And if i don't finish, i can't post, thus... *sigh*)

So don't bother trying to make sense out of any of it. I don't find sense in it myself what turf.

So in conclusion, my idea of a PERFECT IDOL DRAMA would definitely be 流星花園, 花より男子 and 꽃 보다 男子.
But among three which is my fave version?

Let's go by their main selling-point F4! *shivers*
(Because the storyline all also almost the same one, how to choose you tell me!.)

The Taiwan one is out liao.
Terms of storyline or F4 also... =P!
As much as i appreciate it for teaching me to be fluent in Mandarin (can speak, write and read just by watching this one drama I AM AWESOME FTW!!!), it just... well... yeah... sowee...

Japanese one... well, i don't like Matsumoto Jun (not Domyouji mind, but Matsumoto Jun!!), and the other two... is just... yeah...
(OGURI SHUN FTW!!!!!!!!)

Korean one... OH YEAH!!
TICK TICK TICK... except i don't like JiHoo (I like HyunJoong but JiHoo... nah!!)...

And thus to me *the* Perfect Idol Drama would be 꽃 보다 男子. The Korean version!!
Except that instead of JiHoo, we put JAPNESE VERSION HANAZAWA RUI inside!! =D

Oh yeah, i am AWESOME!!
And also as i've explained in this previous post, the reason why Rui is my favourite is also because of his relationship with Tsukushi!

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, and this is mine!
Ok, back to watching drama and let my brain be sucked into all the idolness what turf.


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