Monday, December 28, 2009

How to know if you are not a very good Law student.

Here is something to bribe you guys after i diarrhea four pointless entries about idol dramas.

Here's the checklist, as tweeted by me on 20th November 2009:
  1. How do you know if you are not a good Law student? One, you are tweeting now, instead of studying when your exam's 2 weeks away.

  2. Two, your arms aren't strong at all/ lack upper-body strength... because you don't read/ carry enough books to build 'em.

  3. Three, you are more likely to be seen in a Rock concert, in CC playing L4D, on Twitter/ FB... than in the library. Or even reading as MOF.

  4. Four, when someone asks you what is "habeas corpus", you reply them politely that you don't speak Latin.

  5. Five, when someone asks you what is "Vicarious Liability", you ask them if it is a new band.

  6. Six, when someone asks you if you know about the "Land Registration Act", you accuse them of being rude and that they are swearing at you.

  7. Seven, when someone asks you about Equity and Trust, you act like a know it all and proceed to talk to them about relationships and trust.

  8. Eight, when someone asks you if you really are a Law student (after reading this list), act insulted and proceed to talk about psychology.

  9. Nine, when someone asks you why aren't you studying now, you reply that you have a life.

  10. Finally, how to know if you are *really* not a good Law student... you are cracking your brains to finish this list instead of studying.

And some additional ones...
  • If asked, "Why are u studying law then, if you have a life", say "Oh, because i want to see how it feels like to be sad. Diversity ya 'noe."

  • And it would do good to give them a "wink" after saying that, just to clarify your point.

  • Why not to be in a band if you study Law: Your band's name might be called "Salmon v Seafarer Restaurants".

Ok, guarantee fail if my brain is so FML.


cereal said...

i literally LOL! at this list! HAHAHAHAHAHAH!!

4th and 5th are my absolute favs!!

LEt's form a band called "thelorddennings"

eiko-chan said...

Eh, good idea!!

We shall wear chio black and white lolita outfits with lotsa laces. Chio versions of the Lords what turf XD!

wildberry said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH! I love this post! So damn funny!