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Idol dramas.

Love 'em, hate 'em, you can never live without them.
(ps: It's just a saying, it sounds better if i start of the post like that ok. I can live without idol dramas. Long story, just read.)

To begin with, i clarify "idol dramas" as dramas which sole main purpose is to promote the pretty boys. Yes, the pretty boys. ONLY.
The girls, unfortunately, are mere accessories to the drama.
Unless if of course, the girl is a very likable actress/ character to begin with!

That said, 98% of idol dramas consists of female leads you want to kill, and thus... i made my point.

The following will consists of ONE-SIDED OPINION all by yours truly.
Because i am Awesome so my opinion is awesome too.

What you are about to read may be true, may be not. I don't bother with research blah-blah-blah. This is my Blog anyways, my opinion is what that matters most.

Let's begin.

What makes an IDOL DRAMA. *jeng jeng jeng*

Here's a rough sketch:
First, the oh-so-predictable storyline.
You can have all the pretty boys you want, but if the drama's main core storyline is like something out of my toilet bowl in the morning, it just does not work.

That said, if the pretty boys power is strong enough to overcome the shitty storyline, that is a whole other story.

Secondly, there must be drama.
TONS of it. But the dramas must be innocent and pure and not too evil.
And it must be funny too!

Third, the leads can never go wrong, can never do anything wrong.
They will always be right.

Even if they are not, their looks are good enough to convince you that they ARE right.

Fourth, dreamy settings, corny lines and cheesy scenes.
You get the gist.

Fifth, far from reality.
Chances of it ever happening is ZIP.

That's about it. If there are more my brain cannot think of anymore, so whatever lar.

Ok, idol dramas can come from three countries.
Or i acknowledged only these three countries can produce idol drama lar what turf.

Taiwan, Japan and Korea.
They mostly start with the same ingredient (as what i've mentioned above), but what differs them from one another is:

Annoying cannot shut up female leads with chirpy voices you want to slap across the face. And must be SUPER-KAWAII-HELLO-I-HAVE-BIG-SPARKLY-DREAMY-PUPPY-EYES-KAWAII those type.

The ending is always unpredictable, they may or may not be together. You'll just have to finish the whole thing.
Or they'll end with an ending which is not an ending, but just give you hints on what might, or might not, happen and you'll just have to use your own imagination to finish the ending what the turf.

Japanese dramas also like to finish most issues within one episode, if possible. And 15 minutes before the end of that episode, the will have this classic "WAH-DRAMA" scene.

Difficult to explain what i mean, i must either explain to you personally, or you must have watched enough J-drama to realize this point.

Someone will always die (accident or sickness, only this two reason), or they are most likely siblings, the "i-love-you-but-we-are-siblings" those type.
Or they will lose their memory what turf.

Technically, they are very different (apart from the main ingredients), but one thing they all do share, is:
Plain dumb, stupid, pure, innocent, self-righteous, kind and just seriously DUMB female lead.

Sometimes i wonder if the existence of idol dramas is just to tell people that feminism shouldn't exist what turf.
But they have hot guys, so i shall overlook this point.

Besides, the stories are supposed to be FAR from reality.

Now we know the rough sketch of what makes an idol drama, and the similarities and differences of the three countries which makes them, we shall talk about the core of an idol drama - the hot guys.

An idol drama is never complete if they do not have a super HOT handsome good-looking young MALE lead.
Or they can, but it just won't be successful.

There will always be two male leads.

The first male lead.
He will always be RICH, and with a personality which if he existed in real life, you would've just slap him across the face, but since he is in an idol drama, you will fall heads-over-heels for him.

He will also always have a "pained past", which explains why he is such an idiot, which makes you feel like you want to give him a big hug sayang him instead of slapping him.

And ahah, there will always be a second male lead, who is also equally rich and hot, but what makes him different is that he will be really nice and kind!! The perfect guy which has no flaws, and complete opposite of the first male lead!!
He will also love the female lead like he have nothing else better to do in his life!

Then, this is how it'll work:
The second male lead will love the (dumb) female lead, but the girl will always go for the first male lead and leave the second male lead heart broken.
Second male lead will then have this very sad heart-broken kesian face which makes you feel like you want to hug him and sayang him as well what the turf.

Basically saying, the first male lead will always get the girl, even if he is flawed, because nature depicts that most people who watch idol dramas are suckers for the bad boys.
And also since the storyline depicts that the first male lead should always get the girl what turf.

Ok, i think this point is only for Korean and Taiwan dramas. I haven't watch enough Japanese dramas to stereotype it's mostly like this.

If you've actually survived until here, i have nothing but admiration for you, that you can even last this long.
*big applause*

So to make your suffering worth while, and to not prolong it as well, i shall conclude the reason for my writing up everything above.

You might ask, since i've crapped so much about idol dramas, and made it sound like it's the worst thing in the world, WHY DO I STILL EVEN BOTHER TO WATCH IT?

For starters, i don't watch a lot of idol dramas. Really, i don't!
I've only watched the few which caught my attention, and despite all being of a different background/ storyline - except a few - the fact remains that THEY ARE ALL ROUGHLY THE SAME!!

So why still watch it?

Now, to me, what makes a nice idol drama (which i will watch) is the:
Good storyline + Hot pretty boys.
Neither can be without the other, mind.

If the storyline sucks to begin with, i wouldn't watch it.
If it doesn't have pretty boys, i cannot even bring myself to touch it.

Oh yeah!

Then of course, there are the cheesy, predictable, corny, yet dreamy and sweet scenes.
Like this.

Well, believe it or not, chicks dig it.
Ok, or maybe i am the only sucker for it what turf.

How many times do i complain or rant how this kinda scenes are so cheesy or corny!
Yet i'm not ashamed to admit, i dig it!!
It's just so dreamy ok!
Plus it's something which is highly impossible to happen in reality, so what's wrong if we watch it and be mesmerize with it every once in a while?
And bear in mind what makes an idol drama is to be FAR from reality, like in another dimension those type...

So yeah, in total it works!
Ok rephrase. I think as long as a hot guy in involve, any scene will work.
A-lelaki to that!

So yes, now you know the gist about what makes an idol drama, and despite all it's flaws and predictability, why it still works!

Have a nice day!
Congrats and thank you for actually reading the whole thing =D!

ps: I really don't know why i even bother writing this. This whole entry has no purpose nor meaning i find! Just to express my opinion nya, and what i've observed so far!! Hahaha!
Too much time on my hands perhaps, meh!

pps: I was watching "You're Beautiful" when the idea for this entry came along. Because that drama is seriously like... the father of all idol dramas!!
In the sense that everything is just so cliché and predictable you just... hehe! I'll write another entry about it! Just you wait!!

ppps: The BEST idol drama EVER is 流星花園, 花より男子 and 꽃 보다 男子.
Just in case you're wondering, they are all the SAME DRAMA, except that it's made from the different countries as mentioned above!

I LOVE that drama most. I'll also write another entry for this, why i would consider it the BEST idol drama! Just you wait! Again! Hehe!

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