Saturday, December 12, 2009

The thing with pet owners.

To be fairly honest, i think i would be a Dog Person.
No seriously, i am!!
I'm comparing it in the broadest sense of the word(?), not just by preference!

Pre-HeeChul, as much as i love cats too, i love dogs very very much! Never something i can choose between (well, actually i can haha, but whatever!).
Post-HeeChul, i still love dogs!! And i still badly wanted one. I'll trade HeeChul in for a Golden Retriever or a Siberian Husky =D!
It's a joke lar!!! Hehe!!

To me, apart from liking cats better, i see a cat person would be someone who gives in to the wimps and demands of his or her cat! Treat them like Royalty! The cats will have the owners well-trained to give in to whatever they want!

As for a dog person, well, you get the gist!

As a cat owner, you would think i'm well-trained!
Well... i won't say i'm "well-trained", it's more like HeeChul just unleash her cuteness, fluffiness and adorableness at me and i give in what turf.

And unlike most cat owners, i discipline my cat. And i teach her tricks!

Most cat's are smarter than you think!
HeeChul knows that to get her treats she'll have to do all those stuffs! And trust me, she'll NEVER do it unless you have a treat in your hand!!

And thus, HeeChul and i have a love-hate relationship. No seriously. I think everyone who i love (and who love me in return) have the same kind of relationship with me. I don't know, i think i'm just sado like that haha!

I torture HeeChul like mad! But she'll take her revenge on me.
It's like two kids trying to out-do each other. Personally, i liked to think i'm winning, but if you look closely, HeeChul can get me to do things she wants at times - without fail - that in the end, well... i refuse to admit defeat!! It's a tie i shall say what turf!

And yes, whether or not you want to believe, HeeChul can be revengeful.

I once ignored her cries to me (probably telling me the food bowl is empty or something), and she jumped up and bit my hand.

Evil cat.

If you are not a pet owner, it've very likely that you WILL NOT believe whatever i'm going to say next. You'll say i'm just thinking too much!

But well, every pet owner can vouch for what i say!

You see, when most pet owners meet, they can talk for hours about their pets! What the pets did which are funny, the preference they have for treats and food, what evil naughty stuffs they did, how revengeful they are etc etc...
While non-pet owners will just shrug it off, possibly thinking:
"It's a cat, how can they do such thing? You're thinking too much."
"You're whacko."

Say all you want, but it's true. You just haven't experienced it!
And missing out on a bloody good experience at it (^^ )!

Both cats and dogs are animals with personalities. Each cat and dog is a different individual, and unless you had lived with one (and is close to them), you will never know it!

I was reading this Blog entry, and haha, how true it is!

Oh yeah, people do get bored when i talk to them about HeeChul! Especially since i can go on-and-on about how evil she is and shove her adorable pictures into their faces every now and then. =P
But hey, my cats adorable! Why not spread the adorableness =D!

And i do try not to bore people, but in the end i figured, who cares! I love my cat. I love her sado ways and her dramaness. I love talking about her! I love showing people her pics because it's just SO CUTE ok! Her poses can be classic!

And nothing makes me happier than a good shot of her! Apart from loving to take pictures, i find greatest pleasure in taking wonderful animal shots. =D

Hey, say what you want! It may not be something all pet-owners share, but it is definitely something most pet owner will do!

There is a difference between someone who really love their pet, then someone who owns a pet. Look it up! (^^ )

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