Tuesday, December 30, 2008

7 years down the drain.

7-years of conservation efforts, and i did not manage to convince not even ONE person to stop taking Shark's Fin soup. Even my own family ok (though it's "fake", but still!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!).

Failure ok. Failure.

Besides, it's not like it even has taste lar, the taste comes from the soup!! A bit idiotic right to be so cruel to animals when you're not even benefiting from it. It's actually extra idiocity really. It's just expensive because of the name nya. What turf. How stupid can humans get?

Oh yes, i'm deciding if i should boycott all restaurants which serves Shark's Fin soup. And also any weddings, parties etc which serves so. Hah, take that!!
So if you want angpow from me for your wedding, please don't serve SFS. I'll probably wrap a tape on Shark cruelty in red paper and mailed it to you instead. Rofl.

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