Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Meaningless rambles.

I've been seeing a lot of "bitter battles" these days, which makes me wonder, when it comes to my turn, will i act the same?

I don't know, i think i'm far too lazy to want to be involve in battles like this. I have those: "ok ok, go fight to your heart's content, just leave me out of it" feeling when i put myself into that situation, but when it really happens, will i still think the same?
It is different you know, what you say will do, and what you will really do when it happens.

Another thing would be apart from the laziness, i think the only person i need explaining to is myself, and if i'm satisfied with it, then that is all. I don't need to prove myself to other people, unless if that person actually matters to me. If i did something which is against my principle, oh how mad i will be with at myself!! And i don't like that.

Let's just say, i guess some battles are meant for your besties and sisters to fight for you, while you stay behind the scenes. It'll show how much you matter to them in a way i guess =D!

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