Saturday, December 13, 2008

Happy birthday buns!

My latest nickname for HeeChul! It's derived from the nick "bunny"!
She probably has like... the most nicknames ever (named by me). I call her anything which comes to my head every time i see her!

Her Royal Highness is TWO this year (actually she should be 2 round September or so, but i found her this very date two years ago, so her birthdays Dec 13 to me. Isn't her official birthdate kinda ironic XD?)!!
And pretty much loved by everyone just because (^^ ).

"Yes, i know i am adorable," says HRH Princess Kim HeeChul.

Happy birthday baby!
I got two presents this year!
The first's her favourite, steamed chicken from this chicken rice stall near home (mom bought it). And she celebrated by lunching on my bed, then sleeping on it.

Trust her to know when is the best time to have anything she wants.

The second's not here yet, but i think i'm more excited about it than her? Hehe!
Will Blog about it as soon as it arrives (^^ )!!

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