Tuesday, December 30, 2008

In being environmentally cautious...

I believed to care for the environment is to be responsible for your own actions, and not just so you can show others how environmentally friendly you are.

I don't need to explain (to others) what i am doing to others, because i clearly know what i am doing. I don't want to be a "hardcore" and preach on others, because i'm not perfect myself. But at least i know what i'm doing, and i'm not doing it to show others, but rather, it's so i can "get pass myself without feeling guilty".

On certain things i'm still doing...
  • I love post-its (omg post-its (ㅠ.ㅠ)!!);
  • i try not to, but sometimes inevitably, i do still use plastic bags (only when i needed it though);
  • i collect paper bags (seriously);
  • my bath time is not strictly "for-hygiene-purposes" only (it varies, depending on mood);
  • my laptop is on even when i'm not home (and not using it)... even the charger (for laptop) is always switched on for crying out loud!!
Oh, and i love driving. And my car isn't even hybrid. What turf.

None of these are environmentally friendly.
But at least i know what i'm doing, i'm not doing it to show others, and so i don't really find it necessary for me to be judged (or preached, unless if it's something i don't know) based on what i did, because i know what i'm doing.
Of course, if that person is perfect in her ways, then by all means you can preach and i won't say a word. Like i think i'm perfect in my Shark conservation efforts, so by all means, i won't hesitate to preach until you'll only think of Sharks when you see me.

My purr-fect attendance in Mr Moaz's World Issues class are not wasted one lor, it's the best class i've ever attended, and i learn more from that class than my 11 years of "public education".
The best part was the class was about stuffs that i really like and care about; environment issues, global warming, and even endangered species (the best, i did Great White Shark, and if i remember correctly i got full marks from Mr Moaz for it!~)!!

Conclusion, i don't like to be judged that i'm a "hypocrite" just because i did something that is not "enviromental friendly". I'll usually have justified reasons for myself as to why i do so, and i don't need to explain myself to anyone because i know what i am doing.

It just gets on my nerve when people who are not practicing good environment-friendly habits starts judging others when they are not doing well themselves. Isn't that even more hypocrisy than me buying post-its???

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