Thursday, December 04, 2008


I sat next to a guy whose shirt has those "not-dry-smell" while watching Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa today.

But, on a happier note:

I got my copy of The Tales of Beedle the Bard (the thing which looks like a book on the left) today! Yeah!
I also got the free book light (the thing which looks like a book-light in the middle) for pre-ordering from Borders The Curve (with additional 20%)! Double yeah!
When i pre-ordered my copy, the lady said the book-light is only for the first 300 customers who pre-order the book from Borders ALL OVER MALAYSIA.
Since i pre-ordered quite late (26th November 2008 to be exact), i thought i wouldn't stand a the chance, but whaddya know! I think maybe it's 300 per store? Eitherways, at least i got it!
Now more reasons to read in the dark and spoil my eye sight! Yeah!

And yes, more post-its! Triple yeah!
(ps: The post-its are the post-its look-alike thing on the right, just in case you didn't know.)

Another story for this one!
This pack of 6 was initially selling for RM22.50. I was reluctant to buy it at first because of it's price, but i figured after 10% members discount and divided by 6, one of it is like... RM3 or so?
Since i collect post-its (yes weird collection, but i'm a weird person so it's justified anyways), pretty colours makes me happy, and it's a price i am willing to pay if they sell it separately, so i decided to get it!
To my delight, they mark the price down to RM17.95!
And even better, they have some "Pop Club Promo" discount, so the total i paid was RM13.50 nya!

I watched the movie in Hall 13 too btw =D!
Super yeah, more post-its!
I think i'm reaching the 50 mark (for the numbers of post-its i have) soon.

Although so, when good things happen, there can be bad things as well...
But, when bad things happen, bad things go... WATCH MAMMA MIA!!
Musical makes me happy like how pretty colours does too!

Er... actually not exactly bad, because it turned into good anyway... hehehe!
Will probably Blog about it i guess!

Yummy Red Bean Ice from Kim Gary! Ooh!

And i love Hong Kong for giving the world this. Absolutely heavenly (like Penang Ais Kacang)! Ooh!

ps: Is it me... or does this post sounded more... i don't know... more bimbotic or something? Hmm...
Oh well!

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