Sunday, December 21, 2008

Say NO to Shark's fin soup.

I'm very sure most people know that i don't take Shark's fin soup. Real or fake.

So i get really fed up trying to explain myself to people why i don't even take fake Shark's fin soup. Put it simply, if you always buy fake designer bags, say LV... one fine day you surely would want to own a REAL original LV bag right?

Personally, i felt if i were to take Shark's fin soup, even a fake one, i am still encouraging this sinful market, therefore, it would be against my principle to take Shark's fin soup, even if it's supposedly "vegetarian".

But it gets SO ANNOYING when people try to encourage me to take the sinful soup (and also the part where i lazy to explain to them anymore). Oi, sendiri sinful cukup lar, don't pull me to the fiery pits of Hades along with you!!
I guess it's "ok" you don't share my view, but don't try to force me to accept yours, because i never will. Even if i'm wrong in my , no way.

Another annoying part is people who say they care for the environment or people who say they are animal-lovers or people who say they care about Global Warming... yet... they *still* take Shark's fin soup.
So hypocritical don't you think?

I also got fed up trying to encourage people to stop already, because apparently they fall on deaf ears, so what for? At least i know i'm not hypocritical when it comes to that.

I'm not perfect in my conservation efforts, but at least i do my best and not just "talk-only", and that has made all the differences in the world.

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