Thursday, December 11, 2008

10 Promises to My Dog.

I finally watched it!!
And (very) unexpectedly, i didn't cry like a mad woman! But it's probably because i didn't pay full attention to it (heavy rain plus doing some other stuffs).

Gosh, watching movies like this only makes me wonder... do i really want a dog?
I've wanted a dog my whole life, and while watching the movie, i was wishing badly that i do indeed, had a dog, so i can snuggle up with him while watching the movie. We would be best friends, like (young) Akari and Socks, and go everywhere together.
However at the end when Socks died, it was just so sad, and it made me wonder if i can go through that kind of pain.

Although i cried worst while watching Quill クイール, since it was mainly focused on the dog, however, i would say i prefer 10 Promises to My Dog because despite the actress a bit the sucky at the end, it tells the story of a relationship between an owner and her dog, and how she grew while her dog is always next to her and all... freaking touching.

Super recommended. It makes you feel like snuggling up to your pet (even if it's a gold fish) and telling them how much you love them and will cherish every minute together.

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