Monday, December 15, 2008

Pet's Safari IKANO sucks big time.

To keep this short (sorta):
The staffs are not rude, but very unfriendly and unhelpful; this guy with shoulder-length Red(?) hair in particular (he kinda looks like a girl if you didn't see his face - his hair is long and silkier than mine lor!).

Another would be... well, i find staffs there quite... er...
Ok, i think i'm being unreasonable here lar, but i was in a hurry then, and i would prefer refund instead of exchanging for another item lar.
Anyways, it's like this... Pet's Safari have this store brand Premium cat can food, and on it says: "Refund for unopened cans if you are not 100% satisfied with the product" (something like that).
"REFUND" means getting my money back, not EXCHANGING.

Pet's Safari have a strict exchange-only policy, and i understand that, however, that also means that they SHOULD NOT print such term on the can, right? More over a store brand lor. If it's of another brand they have no control over then nevermind lar, but their very own brand?

The lady kept on telling me "you can refund", but she go on and on on how i have to get another item to exchange... that means "exchange" dee right?? But she kept on saying "refund. Ello, "refund" and "exchange" different lor.
Like i said, i was in a hurry and i didn't want to exchange, so i pointed out that fact to her, but i know no point arguing because i'm in a hurry, and sure cannot get refund (more over RM3 plus nya), so i just cincai take some stuffs and leave lar.

But seriously, "refund" and "exchange" also tak tau beza... er...

And two customer before me had some problem with her card and they got into a small argument, if i'm not wrong. So when it was my turn, when i emphasize on the "refund" part, that guy with red hair (who was serving me) actually just turned around, said some incoherent stuff and sighed aloud like he was fed up, and walked away, presumably his not "in the mood" to entertain "troublesome" customers. That's when the lady mentioned earlier came to my assistant.
Good service ain't it?

Then there's this members discount part. Sometimes they give you, sometimes they say "only purchases above RM20 is entitled to members discount".
They didn't even put this sign up ok (to tell you how much only can get discount), so you wouldn't know unless when you pay. But it's ok, they reserve the right to alter any terms as they see fit, but they are not consistent at all!! Sometimes give me discount, sometimes don't give me... what is this?
(of course they give me discount i don't mind lar, but when they don't give me very geram because the last time they gave me one lor. Either always give me, or stop giving me (unless it's above RM20), finito, don't make things so complicated can?).

I've written to them to complain. Tak tahan already lar, the customer service there is bollocks. Nonexistence (to give credit, some are very nice lar of course). Extremely horrible, if not because they have good deals (sometimes) and it's convenient, definitely won't go back there lor. In fact, i actually go somewhere else to buy HeeNim's food from now onwards, where customer service is good and it's even cheaper ok! Why do i want to pay somewhere where they treat me like dirt and it's not even the best deal?

Although some people might think "no point writing, they won't care", but whatever, AT LEAST i let them know how i felt... how some of their customers felt (i'm sure i'm not the only one), but who didn't bother to complain.
It's not like i'm looking for them to compensate me or anything, but rather, some people must tell them what horrible customer service they have, otherwise sure won't improve one.

So if they know, it's either they let it be, or they improve or risk losing some customers... who'll spread the word (like what i'm doing now). It's up to them, i did my part as a consumer.

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