Sunday, December 07, 2008

Any girl in her right mind...

Would definately go for:
Hazuki Kei

Oh so hot!~

Than your scarily "pervertishly-looking" (due to moustache i guess, but if i say yes it would be discriminating and stereotyping but you can't deny the fact though) dandy-Rose-loving stalker-ish, so unavoidable that you start questioning if you ever did any wrong in your life, very kialang gold-fish-man-like Principal, Amanohashi Ikkaku.

Seriously, you would be mad if you prefer the latter.

More over Kei being so HOT!! AHHHH *girl squeal* XD!!!
It's not wrong to like the latter... but i would recommend a MRI brain scan etc though... eek!!

Sorry, i know it's not fair for me to "judge" others like that... but please understand... it's very traumatizing when you are working so hard to get StoneKei (cute nickname i got off this walkthrough guide XD!), like so effing difficult... and some more you are getting bombs north south east west... and then this guy (the wu-sou-lou above) appears and kacau kacau A LOT of things.
Seriously, so many things, i was considering what are the odds of me being able to get an injunction from the court against this fellow... which is a character from a game i'm playing on my NDS.

And i can't get over the fact his a *Principal*, yet so gold-fish-ish go after female students (ei, you, the main character), like... EWWWWW!!
I seriously admire the person who wrote this walkthrough guide, and her selfless self-sacrifices on going after Mr Kam-yu-Principal, just so the guide would be complete, and in order for us slackers people to be able to complete our albums perfectly and all.
So noble really.

Hazuki Kei!~ So hot XD!~

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