Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Don't you think?

It would be nice if they have helicopters or planes or secret passages and stuffs, which could allow you to escape the jam in any case you're caught in one.

My point being, i really want to go to KL now, but since it's like, almost 7pm and all, chances of me being caught in the infamous massive (though not as bad as BKK) KL jam is like... really close.
But who knows, since the jam occurs mostly on people leaving the city, and since i'm going *into* the city, maybe i'll be safe?

Then again who knows, really.
So it would be really nice if you have the option to leave a jam in case you decided to "try your luck" see will jam or not.
I proposed a plan that, for example, i want to go to KLCC at 6pm, and since i'm going into the city it shouldn't be *that* jam right?
So off i go. But in any case there is a jam, then i can choose to leave, and it'll all be fine and dandy. However, if i insisted to go KLCC anyways, then be stuck at the jam i should stay.
Isn't that a good plan?
Ok, retarded.
Might as well say we have helicopters to transport our car and us to places we want to go when it's jam. But if like that then later air-jam adee lor. What turp.

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