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Redang Day 1 - Part 1

Disclaimer: Pictures below are all taken by me, otherwise credited. All photos are NOT photoshopped in any way to retain its original beauty or original feel, because i want to show everyone just how beautiful Redang is that i love it so much.
That said, i have all the rights to photoshop any of the "living creatures" in the pictures. Just because.

Previous episodes:
Redang - pre-arrival


We arrived at KT at 5am. The travel agent i book with sent a representative to pick us up to get us to their agency's "rest house" to rest while we waited till 7.30am or so before we go to the jetty for our 9am boat.

Don't ask. It's a very crappy rest house. The ceiling-fan even sings.

The other two manage to get some sleep while waiting.

Amanda switching off the tee-vee so she could get some uninterrupted sleep (I so should've sang Thomas at her ear just to keep her awake - now i'm the only one who didn't sleep!).

Haha, don't ask about the cow and pig part either.

But i still couldn't sleep, so i ended up layaning myself playing with Squirt and Pearl, and taking pics.

Squirt was asking Pearl what are they doing in the this crappy place when they should be swimming in the sea!
I also got outside the rest house to walk around but... there was nothing.

Seriously, there was nothing.

Some other groups joined us at the rest house soon after. Then come 7.30am, the same guy came to send us to the jetty, where we still have to wait there for our boat to come (9am boat).

The jetty.

So Amanda and i went for some breakfast instead at some food place above the wet-market.

This picture was taken from the food place above the wet market.

Although i'm still in Malaysia, somehow or rather i feel just so out of place at KT. It feels as if i'm in another country! Maybe a north-south-east-west kinda thing?
But one things for sure, Malaysia will always be Malaysia! The breakfast was yummy! We had roti canai and limau nipis!

Apparently, in KT, Limau Ais is called Limau Nipis instead, and its way better than Limau Ais because the lime they use is the fragrant type! I like it much better! The roti was good too!

After breakfast, we got downstairs, and to our astonishment, we came across idiots-waiting-to-be-struck-by-lightning selling turtle eggs.
When we first got into the wet market before breakfast, we saw this banner that informs people of the sale of turtle eggs there. We didn't know we'll actually get to "witness" this disgusting trade of lives after our breakfast when more stalls are opened.
Amanda was the one who saw that stall and informed me. I was too dazed by my surrounding to noticed what happened.

Both of us, despite being the hypocritical conservationist-cum-environmentalist we are, we were heartbroken as we look at those idiots buying and selling the eggs, but there was nothing we can do.

What anger me most is that there are kids hanging out around there watching this "so-called" illegal trade (yeah, its illegal, but everyone there does it in the open, so its "so-called"). OMG the things we are teaching our younger generation.

Oh, and as we were walking back, there were actually police doing something (raiding?) at some shops opposite the wet market.
Wow, our police force are so efficient.

Anyways, back to HAPPIER THOUGHTS. We got back to the jetty and continue waiting.

I didn't sleep the whole night, so i didn't bother taking pics of myself then obviously!

When the boat arrived, we got ready to board it and TAKE OFF!

Crap, i'm so bloody short i could fit into a pot hole dug by a 1-year-old and nobody would notice.

Ooh, confusion!

The guy must be confused as to why a Pig and a Cow are allowed on board XD!

There is a upper and lower deck on the boat, and there are also mountains and seas of people going on that boat (lols). Not everyone can fit into one deck, but because as bimbos we insisted on taking the "VIP" seats on the upper deck (actually there are not "VIP" seats, they just name the upper deck so), we have to sit seperately.

Monkey seated in the middle row, Cow behind, and Pig at the row in-front across the aisle. Hence, Journey to the East.
(Go guess whose who, though its really obvious duh.)

It was a three-seater. I was seated on the aisle seat, and there was this couple seated inside. They left their seats (ask for excuse very courteously) just before i fell asleep, and then when i do FINALLY fell asleep, just about half and hour or so after, the couple wanted to come back in but didn't wake me up, so the girl just bumped into me that i woke up with a startled (= =").
But ok lar, she apologized. But still geram, i finally manage to sleep ok!!

Then later, Amanda got me to go outside to the sun deck to enjoy the wonderful sea breeze!
Which the minute i got outside i slipped and fall on my bum. So malu (= =").

Then after half-an-hour of non-stop camwhoring etc at the sun deck, which i live up to my Kid on Crack nickname, where i screamed and shouted and squealed like nobody's business till everybody looked at us.
Ah, wonderful (Amanda tried to act as if she doesn't know me. Too bad it didn't work.).

Should i post up the video of me screaming?? Heehee!

Then... from a distance i've already spotted somewhere i knew i would love even before i got there...


Credits: Amanda

East Sea!
This photo is not photoshopped, it really is that bluetiful (^^ )!

Next up - Arrival on Redang Island!
One of my most favourite place on earth XD!

*que sings Savage Garden's "I knew i love you before i met you..." ♪~*

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