Tuesday, July 22, 2008

I will never be normal.

Honestly, the way i think is different from the way "normal-people" might think.

I was reading this entry by Cat Aunty, and i was really angry (pissed, mad etc) by this kind of inconsiderate people.

For starters, the pet is well-secured in the cage. Unless if the pet is creating a havoc, disturbing other customers, i don't find the need to complain that "a pet is in the premise". Furthermore, it is OUTSIDE.

Sorry, i can never understand why pets shouldn't be allowed in public places if its outdoor.

I'll focus this on eating-places lar.
If we're talking about allergies, you can bring this point up to the owner or simply just move away.

If you're talking about unhygienic and the pets fur, you might as well go buy a huge padlock, lock yourself at home and stay in there for the rest of your life. I can assure you there are other more "dirty" stuffs outside then so-called "pets fur".

Then again, instead of bitching, if you are that concerned, bring it up with the owner of the pet. I'm sure the owner would be reasonable enough to be considerate of other people (if it doesn't work, then only resort to other methods lar), and would either try to compromise or move away.

Bitching to the restaurant operators to get customers with pets thrown out is way inconsiderate and unethical, honestly.
But what really surprises me is, it's in Singapore. Some how or rather the more i read about pets or animals in Singapore, the more i think majority Singaporeans are not very kind to animals. And i thought Malaysians are mean people! Our neighbours bring it to a whole new level!

I don't know how often Malaysian owners bring their pets to public, but i remember this couple bringing TWO Siberian Huskies to Starbucks @ Centrepoint. They made sure they sit outside, and as far from other patrons as possible (sorta).
And unlike the case above, there are Malay patrons there, and it's in bloody Malaysia! And the Malay patrons can't even care less whether or not a dog is around. As long the dog doesn't bother them! In the case above, the cat is securely locked in his carrier. What???

That said, i still think Singaporeans treat pets much more ethically.
If Malaysians were to feed stray cats, they would buy the cheapest available product off the shelve, example Friskies or Whiskas, which can actually develop health problems in a cat later on in life. However, i find Singaporeans who do care for stray animals are actually willing to buy quality premium food, no matter the price, just to feed the strays! Some Malaysian owners, no matter how much they love their pets, aren't even willing to buy more expensive premium food for their pets!

And the cats there are spoilt! They are even allowed to choose which brand to eat and can refuses brands they dislike! Can you believe it? In Malaysia, most stray cats are grateful to even have a full meal!

I guess when it comes to animals in general, it depends on individual. I really shouldn't "classify" to begin with.

May lightning strike on all people who are unkind to animals, especially strays.
Its bad enough you're unkind to animals, to be unkind to strays is just wrong.

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