Monday, July 21, 2008

It's ok leader, we are one!


EeTeuk's Cyworld

Antis should for once and for all, just stuff their heads down the filthiest public toilet's toilet bowl and jump off some one-floor building into the garbage truck heading to the garbage-disposal area.

After all, garbage belongs to garbage.

That said, sometimes i wish i could just run to him, whack him a couple of times to wake him up and stop him from being so emo.

As an idol, stuffs like this are inevitable, but if you think about it, they are just jealous. Why are you letting yourself be bothered? Can't you see the more bothered you are the happier they get? Why are you feeding to their pleasures?

Then again, i'm not in his situation - tight schedules and little rests... and being the JungSu we know... i'm not surprised he reacts so. But really... i'm so worried most of the times it irks me!

Sometimes i wish i could be with him so i could un-emo him, like how he always manage to when i'm emo, and then we would laugh over this silly matter over Starbucks' Mango Passion-Fruit Frappucino... his treat.
Or Cafe Pascucci's Mixed Berry Parfait - i don't mind either one, they are gifts from Heaven.

Goshmyobsessionwithdesserts = calories.

Aiyar, whatever lar, its gifts from Heaven, and i am grateful for them.

We're always there for you, so stop being so emo!! You're making me emo!!!

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