Thursday, July 03, 2008

The way things could be.

I haven't been blogging.

Which is weird, considering that i always blab, ramble, etc... a bit a lot, and its just so weird not to... i think?
Guess this is just one of my writer's block week?

Oh well, once i'm back, i'll probably go back to my normal speed of 5 to more posts a day =D!

On the other hand, my feet hurts. Hmm... punny-ish.

And i don't know why.

Possibly from soaking in the water too long?

But its ticklishly fun =D!

Oh next week!
Hope it'll be fine by then (^^ )!

I love playing with water, but things they will do to me...

I think i'm turning old... i'm getting "wind-wet" (風濕 or Rheumatism? I remember there's another term in English for it, i just can't remember...). Lols.

Not like i care; i can be 80 years old and i'll still run to the beach (read: Redang) like a kid on crack.

Which i'm constantly reminded of that...


Redang posts coming up... soon... i think!

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