Friday, July 04, 2008

Squirt and Pearl.

Have you met Squirt and Pearl?

I'm sure you have!

My two precious!
They accompanied me to Redang to be the models for a photoshoot at a very beautiful place!

Prior to the trip, i've taken loads of preparation shots, pre-Redang trip, just to tease people who visits my Blog to let them wonder where i'll be going... but... i never get round posting it =P!

So anyways, here are some of the shots!

Pearl and Leader!
His for the month of June, what better to take pics of them together like that!

And also...

Squirt and Leader!
I love June! Best month of the year!

Squirt and Kyu!


Did you realize the first picture, apart from being all Disney characters only, all characters are also from beach-ocean-related animations?
Stitch in Hawaii, Nemo in Australia... and both are my favourite Disney cartoons as well (plus The Lion King)! Hahaha!

And finally...

A big family shot!
Sorta, missing a few other ones!~

Lols, random!

Coming up:
Redang Day 1 and more Squirt and Pearl's pics from Redang!

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