Friday, July 18, 2008

My pilgrimage to Bangkok.


I love Bangkok, almost everything about it is beautiful!~
I'll keep my ramblings for another time. To keep this entry nice and simple, here are the stuffs i bought =D!

For starters, here is my loot from Bangkok!

... ok just kidding, its not that much. My toiletries bag etc are underneath everything else =P!

Here's the real thing.

My loot a couple of years back (i think 2004?) is even better. The Dog merchandise heaven!~ Nowadays they stop producing it anymore (ㅠ.ㅠ)...

But anyways, here's a one-to-one(?) introduction of my treasures =D!

My favourite!~

My Super Show merchandise (FINALLY XD!!)... but which also costs me some of HeeChul's fur and some of my hair (= =")...
I'm going to sell off some of it, if interested please msg me =D!

Then there is...

A crown for Her Royal Highness Princess Kim HeeChul!~

And also...

I remember initially saying "I will not buy any of it", because its not like i'll use it, so buy for what?
But in the end when i see it... ended up... so fail (= =")...

My favourite character(?) from Japan!~

... too bad the inside is not what i wanted (ㅠ.ㅠ)... i like the cat and the rabbit (they have Angel Wings XD!) most but... ARGH!!

Do you know Bangkok is a land of interior stuffs =D?

And its cheap-er (well, sorta anyways)!~
This is actually a wire hanging thing you can hang pictures from it! I love this a lot! Though i think its a bit costly for something like this... but if you think about it, you definitely cannot get something like that for that price in KL, so why not? It's on discount anyways XD!

Did i mention Bangkok is a land of post-its and papers as well =D?
Well, not exactly... but it's better than KL definitely! Look at my post-it loots!

The papers and post-its are all so cute and colourful! Gosh, i'm a sucker for colours as well, bright colours attract me XD!~

And pretty pens!~

I can never resist coloured pens!~ Pretty colours =D!
I actually have to resist buying every single one of the colours... but oh well, better than nothing!
And also some of The Dog pens!~ I'm trying to collect every single breed!~ Best part is, newer breeds are always coming =D!
(But how i wish for other merchandises too!~)

Have i mentioned i also really really like "tahi" merchandises?
Cartoon-tahi of course, not real ones (obviously)! I find them cute XD!~

Gosh, i think i read too much Shin-chan to actually start liking cartoon-tahis (= =")... but then, its really so cute =D!
(BTW the book is bought a few years back, only the mat is bought this trip! The other cartoon-tahi merchandises are too expensive, otherwise i'll sure buy a lot of it!~)

Ooh, and this is the absolute steal!

... but... the film... oh well!~


One thing never to forget whenever you go Bangkok - CUTE NOTE BOOKS!

If only i will ever use any of it (= =")... ehem...

Last but not least!

Do you know pantyliners are SO BLOODY CHEAP in Bangkok? I actually plan to buy more XD!!
And that colour of Sunsilk is somehow not available in Malaysia (only in Singapore or Thailand), so every time i go to either neighbouring countries, i'll definitely stock-in! I like the smell and it makes my hair softer!
Oh, the reason why i buy so many bottles, apart from because its cheaper, it's because it's easier to stuff all into my bag, and its sorta lighter too!
Er... there are actually er... around 12 bottles there (half is conditioner, half is shampoo)... have to buy in bulk because bought this in Makro (^^ )!~

That's about it!~
Next up - Loot from Korea (finally)!~

I really should post about my Korea trip ASAP ne (=v=")??

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