Monday, July 21, 2008


Ah, i used to think its impossible (for me) to actually travel abroad just to see an idol. Thus, i've always admire people from other countries, traveling to another foreign land which they sometimes can't even speak the language of, just for their idols.

Come on, the idea of ME, flying to a completely foreign place, or even Hong Kong or Taiwan for that matter, just to see a concert is such an absurd idea!

But you boys changed everything.

February 2008, i embarked on a journey, an adventure if i may, to a completely totally foreign land which i've never ever been to before... all on my own. Not forgetting it's the first time i actually traveled alone! I can't even speak the language fluently!

Even now i am still rather surprised at what i've done. I just can't believe i actually did it!
Every time i think back on what i've done, i either question myself or it's like "Wow, i actually really did it...". I still can't believe what i've done even to this day.

You boys made everything a reality.

I was glad i was with you boys for your FIRST CONCERT.

Somehow or rather i'll never forget those 3 nights, though with my failing memory, i can remember those 3 nights better than what happened a minute ago.

Especially YOU when you suddenly appeared so close to me my mind went blank.

And YOU too.

I love you boys.

And then, barely 5 months later, i did it again to be with you boys for your FIRST ASIA TOUR.

When i was on the plane to Bangkok, i actually smiled to myself thinking, "Ah, i'm doing it again aren't i?". I still find it (this and the one before) totally unbelievable!

And during Super Show, YOU are being the miracle to me like you had always been.

Come to think of it, its the one thing that brought me to you boys, isn't it (^^ )?

I love you boys!~

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