Thursday, December 29, 2011

Review of 2011's New Year Resolutions.

As per usual, this is a review of this:

    I have my right to remain silent.

  2. Be a better Blogger.
    Even worst than before TEEHEE.

  3. Tweet more.
    Not sure if i've tweeted more, i know around Sept-Oct i stopped for a while... but hmm... let's just say i have! (^^ )

  4. Tweet with content.
    Improved! Shall consider this a pass! =D

  5. Show love and gratefulness to people who matters.
    Don't think i'm 100% there yet, but definitely improving, so shall put this as a pass! 8D

  6. Stop being so hormonal.
    Still rather er, "hormonal" before that time of the month, but all-in-all, i honestly consider it YES, I HAVE!
    Thus, sucessbaby.jpg. 8D

  7. Prioritize.
    I honestly have no recollection of what spurred me to put this as one of my resolution, but hmm... i think i had prioritize things which are important to me better. Therefore, yes, done! =D

  8. Be a better fan.
    Nope. =(
    If anything worst than ever i feel so bad. (T^T )

  9. Dress up.
    No idea how to rate this, hahaha! It's like i have finally discovered my style (more like justified my preference teehee), and instead of wanting to fitting myself into what i perceive as "stylish", in the end i just want my style to scream ME yet still not as er, "leh feh" lols!
    There are rooms for improvement though, so i shall not consider this as "done"!

  10. Sleep early.
    Who am i kidding when i thought i could do it? Well, i did successfully did it a few times while in London, but it's nothing to be scream about so er... NO. LOLS!

  11. Be more decisive.
    Nope, still needs to improve on this!

  12. Stop procrastinating.

  13. U.
    I love U.
Now that i've done a review of my NYR, time for a recap of the year before we move on to the New Year! GO! (^^ )

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