Monday, December 19, 2011

So what happened to you?

While on my flight back from London for the holidays, it came to a sudden realization that heck, i'm 24 this year. Everything is happening so fast that you did not even have the time to stop and reflect on what has happened.

So i decided i want to compile a book of things because my memory is that bad ZOMG... and i remembered i used to have this book which i write everything in...

Found the book, and flipping through the pages, i see another side of myself which i've forgotten.

The thoughts, essence of the writing, feelings, preference, principles etc... everything is still the same... however, why did i feel that i've changed?

Why have i stopped writing in that book as i had before, filled with colours, random thoughts and everything and anything i want to?

Was it reality? That is putting a halt to my "creative" (however much i may have), whimsical and random side?

Was it laziness?

Or was this a part of growing up?

Is it bad or good that however much i would like to move on, i would also like to keep that side of me?

So yeah... what happened to that girl?

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