Monday, December 05, 2011

Super Junior Kiss the Radio.

It has been what, 5 years and 3 months?

I'm not that well-verse with Korea's radio programmes, but personally i felt that my boys are bloody awesome to be able to keep this programme for so long despite their busy schedules! How many other stars have done so? =D

And just a few months (weeks?) back i just remembered, ah, Sukira has been so long, it'll be with us forever wouldn't it?

However i guess the inevitable has come... 4th December 2011, the last broadcast of EunTeuk DJ.

I told myself i didn't want to listen to it (was Skyping with parents too at that time anyways), not like i would understand anything anyways... i was online the whole time, checking Twitter and all, but it's like i didn't want to acknowledge that fact that it really is their last broadcast.

Now i'm feeling all restless and jumpy and finding reasons to be upset with, that i don't know if i'm just being PMS-y or what but...

When it comes to the boys, on stuffs which i know will upset me... it's like i feel if i somehow don't acknowledge it, or just put on the "i couldn't be bothered" attitude, it'll just go away...

This happened with HanKyung, KangIn and HeeChul.

However, when i actually feel it, everything's actually worst. I should've just acknowledge it to begin with! Don't know why i never learn. Numbing the feelings won't make the pain go away, it'll only make it worst.

With hopes that this entry will serve as a reminder when Old Man leaves for military next year, and i'll have learned to accept it instead of pushing the emotions away until later... otherwise i have this feeling everything will turn up rather horrible, *especially* since i'll be alone here in London with nobody to talk to about it! ROAR!

Before i end this entry, to EunTeuk DJ, thanks for the amazing 5 years and 3 months. As Old Man always say, "End 가 아닌..And 잖아요.."? (^^ )

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