Sunday, June 01, 2008

Why is my cat immune to everything?

First off, cat treats.
HeeChul use to LOVE two brands of cat treats; one the Salmon Sashimi, the other the milk drops.
I stopped feeding milk drops to her for some time, but when i buy them again and gave it to her, she just give if a sniff and walks off, and thereby stop eating them altogether.
RM5 down the drain.

I also remember the first time i ever bought cat treats for her, this RM14.90 pack for dental care whatever... she doesn't even like it. The pack is still somewhere at her cabinet.

Ok fine, then there's the crab-strips (something like that) which i buy from the Cat Show, RM6.50 or so. She just sniff sniff, lick lick... walks off.
The whole pack went to the neighbourhood cat BabyGirl, and Rain. At least its finished, and not wasted.

Now, she only takes the Salmon Sashimi, which is by far the ONLY treat i can use to pacify her etc etc, because she won't take anything else.
Talk about fussy cat.
(ps: The brand of can food i fed her is called Fussie Cat as well, and guess what, she has her own "favourite flavours" among all the flavours... what the (= =")...)

Ok, treats, nevermind them. What about CAT NIP?
Cat nip is WELL-KNOWNED for its effects on cats.
So i bought a pack of dry cat nip for her, wrap it inside some sock (Ultraman to be exact), and she did gave some reaction to it all right! Yeah?

No. Because she totally ignore it the next day.

At least still got play a bit lar.
But seriously, it's more like a "Ok lar, you spend RM15 on a pack of dry leaves, i give you some "face", play with it a while lar..."...

Then i can't remember where i read it from, but they say that MATATABI is much more effective for cats than cat nip. Also, it seems Asian Cats react better to matatabi than cat nip. Hmm, interesting.

I looked high and low for it, cannot find. Even thoughts of going to Singapore just to get it.
But whatdya know, i finally manage to find it today (RM11).

I have a choice to choose between powder or wood, i chose the powder form. Got home, open the pack for her...

She showed reaction alright!!

Cats are supposed to dance the "matatabi dance" upon presented by matatabi you know! HeeChul just lick it off my hand, and now she's sniffing the carpet... that's all (= =")...

I know got reaction lar, but i was hoping for a "bigger" one, like jump up and down, or at least... THE MATATABI DANCE!!

Why do i have to watch the matatabi dance only from other cats through Youtube? Why won't my cat dance too? SHE TOTALLY IGNORE IT!


I have no doubts now that she's not like any normal cat.

She's from the space.

Stupid cat.

ps: You can guess how much i spend for that spoilt cat every month now can you?

I'm not giving up, i'm getting the wood-version.
Only if that fail will i give up completely on this from-the-space-cat.

pps: I forgot to mention the RM13 cat grass as well, which is *suppose* to attract cats and make them all happy and all... but sorry... immune to this fat cat of mine lor...

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