Tuesday, January 10, 2012


So yes.

I was back home for 3 weeks over the Winter Holidays (Curse my school! They gave 1 month to the students last year, and only 3 weeks for us this year! Hmph!), and i cannot emphasize, or put into words just how happy i was for that 3 weeks! 8D

It's like everything else - reality, if i may say so - ceased to exist, and the only thing there is is, well, i'm home!
With the beautiful sun, gorgeous weather, 1-Utama, familiar "orang sendiri" my fellow Malaysians,  FOOD... oh good gracious HOLY MALAYSIAN FOOD!!

Needless to say, i gained a ton of weight, yet i'm just. SO. HAPPY!
I guess i never really am a "typical girl" to begin with, ne?

And never forgetting, surrounding myself with the people i love! =D

The 3 weeks home was just what i need, and it was fantabulously amazingly awesome!

I seriously dread going back, but i guess this is something i have to go through... and i will appreciate every minute i am here (as much as i rather go home!) while i'm at it, and just wait till i can go home... for good!

In the meantime...
Big shout out and thanks to the amazing people back home who made my 3 weeks super incredible. I love you guys so much! (^^ )

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