Friday, February 03, 2012

Girl Girl.

I still remember the day i saw you at the pet shop.

How there were so many other rabbits, but somehow, you are the one who caught my eye... and together with Boy Boy, i chose the two of you to bring home with me.

9 years.
If you forgo the months and count by years... then it's 10. 10 years.

Time flies... and before i even knew it, here we are.

After Lui Lui left, you were alone, yet, i still didn't treat you as i should have.

I didn't spend as much time as i can with you... i didn't even let you out to play as often i should have. The only thing i know how to do to redeem all the wrongs is by buying you your favourite corn nugget and giving you carrots, while i stroke your head and say random stuffs to you for about a few minutes every other night.

I spent a year in Oxford, then after 2 months, i was back in London.
All the time i was away, i wished and pray that you would be in good health, and wait for me till i get back.

I'm happy that at least i get to see you when i was back for the 3 weeks.

And i'm grateful that i had the 3 weeks.

I'm so sorry i couldn't be home to say goodbye to you.

There's just so many words i want to tell you. How happy i am that i get to be your owner. How sorry i am for not being a good owner.

I still remember all the good times we've had together; all the memories from the old house till the new house.
From seeing you run around the backroom or backyard in our old house... how clever you and Boy Boy are, knowing how to pee inside the cage instead of out... and also till when you became a mommy, and THREE TIMES!
How you trusted me enough to let me play with your kids even though they were still little beanie babies who only knows how to sleep and eat...
Seeing you doing a binky every time i let you out in the garden, running around like a crazy rabbit...

And how smart and obedient you are! If you were let out to your hearts content, you would run back into the cage upon command, but if not... you refuse to get in no matter what! Smart little girl!

Not forgetting how happy and excited you (and the rest) gets whenever i shake the corn nugget bottle, or when i feed you guys carrots, "pao-skin", etc. You just love food don't you?

There's just so many happy memories, and one i'm particularly fond of was when you would lick my finger every time i tickle your chin.

I miss you so much. I know i've not spent a lot of time with you these few years, but i seriously miss you so much.

It's too late to say all this i guess, and i know when i go back after my studies, i'll never ever get to see you again... but i'll cherish the memories we've had together, and smile knowing the fact that you are finally reunited with Boy Boy, Lui Lui and Zai Zai. (^^ )

I love you Girl Girl. Choco.

This is to the best rabbit in the whole wide world.

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