Sunday, June 03, 2012


I started this course about 9-months back, in September 2011... and back then, it seemed like i had to wait for an eternity for this course to be over!

Now... the final term just ended. How time flies!

I survived the course MUHAHA! (^^ )

I can still remember the dreads and fear i had prior to starting this course. There were just too many uncertainties, too many doubts...

When i started the course, i was pretty sure i wouldn't be able to do it, and had honestly genuinely thought of quitting during the first few months... that was just how scared i was i guess...

But fast forward to now, you wouldn't believe just how glad i actually stuck through it!

Despite all my whining and complains and threats to quit, i guess somewhere there there's just this pride that tells me to never give up. 8D

Keep moving forward!

It's bittersweet really.
On one hand, i'm really glad the course is over... on the other, i'm really really going to miss going for the classes and all that... well, basically, i will just miss being a student!

The course is difficult, but in the end, i think i can safely say i had no regrets doing this. In fact, i'm glad i did it!

I felt i learned a lot from this year in London, and i'm very grateful for everything!

My classes are amazing (the options i've chose for Term 3 will probably be one of the best choices i've made in life!), my tutors are amazing, my Inns of Court is THE BEST, London is great... overall, the experiences were just... AWESOME!

But the best part will forever be the bunch of awesome people i've met on this course!

Those peeps are who i will forever call my survival buddies! 8D

Without them, i'm not sure if i would even be able to survive the first term! But thanks to them, we did it! Together! (^^ )

I love them so much. They are such wonderful people, you seriously have no idea how grateful i am to be able to meet them. =D

All that said, well, it's not without its drawbacks...

Some of the things i've missed just by being here... especially one which will no doubt haunt me forever...

But what my dad always say which i had always believed in: you cannot have everything you want.

So for now, i just want to be positive, very grateful... and basked in the glory of actually being able to finish this course!!


As usual, i'm never a good Blogger/ writer... so yeah, ok thanks bye. 8D

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