Sunday, March 11, 2012

February in a glance.

To be honest, February had been horrible.

First was my rabbit's passing which to be honest, still haunts me a little even though i told myself to get over it.
I guess just not being there at the final moments of her life, and knowing that even when i get home, i'll never ever see her again... is still pretty hard to accept.

Then Grandma wasn't feel too well, but i am so thankful she's so much better now! (^^ )
I admit i'm not close to my Grandma as much as i liked to. I hardly spend any time with her, and i'm like the worst granddaughter ever... but i like her around the house (although it bored the daylights out of her hehehe).

When i was told of this news, i guess i would've felt better if i was able to talk about this to someone.. but i don't know... i don't know how to tell it to anyone. It's just weird.

Anyways i lost the track this Blog post was supposed to head to, so i shall just end it that yeah, February was horrible.

And now here's to a terribly stressful March, but hopefully, an endurable one. Let's do this! GO! 8D

Loving it here, but counting the days till i get to go home. For good! =D

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