Monday, June 01, 2009

New Moon.

OMG i didn't know the trailer was out!!
Gosh, i like how the wolf doesn't look too scary or monstery (even though looks fake... but anyways, i don't like *that* wolf. Not Jacob lar, Taylor Lautner just because (i want Steven Strait or Corbin Bleu)!!

But hmm, after all the hype about Twilight, i think Poo's opinion is getting to me (what turf go away Poo), that i don't find the "woo-hah" and all the "ahhhhhh *girly squeal*" for the series anymore. Or maybe because i'm getting bored of it? I'm actually quite tired of it dee (gasp! what happened?)!! Overrated perhaps?? Or maybe i just don't really like New Moon so i don't feel the need to be excited over it? (that said, i thought i *liked* New Moon what turf).

Ok, i'm so contradicting myself. Just ignore what i've just said.

I'm leaving Adelaide tomorrow morning =(! I'll miss it here!
It's small, there's no 1-Utama or farm animals around or anything (that said, those people *are* leaving me so what the!!!)... there's no mamak, and nighttime is practically online or sleep (or eat and get fatter)... that said, i'll sure miss here!

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