Sunday, June 28, 2009

Boy's Generation!

(albeit it's Boy's Generation this time round!)

My opinions on it!
  • I super heart my boys! They are so adorable! XD

  • OMG Nichkhun (the one in purple pants)! CUTE! Like a little boy nya! His expression XD!

  • JoKwon never disappoint me. Never. (The one with the yellow pants and a big smiley shirt). Whether in a good way or one full of sarcasm... well, it's for me to know and for you to find out. I can't afford having 2AM (PM? OMG i can't differentiate who from who where and what (= =")...) fans chasing after me with kimchi in their hands, aiming them at me, right?
    ps: I secretly thinks (ok maybe not so secret anymore) that JoKwon wants to be like me, or like my girlfriends. Cue at 2.26, the one with the light yellow pants. OMG!!!

  • Key is cute! (light pink pants, black white top.)

  • I find the "manliest" one is the one in hot pink pants. From er, 2PM (or 2AM?). The ironic of the whole thing. Manly dude in hot pink pants?
    (OMG GIMME MY SEUNGRI!!!!!!!!)
    And he gives me the air of one whose thinking, "OMG what am i doing here? I'm manly yo!" (or "JYP better be paying me enough to do this..."... lols!)

  • The guy in orange pants is funny XD! It's like his rather manly, but his acting so girlish, it's like those dudes in the movie whose manly but acts girly!
    Ok, not a very helpful description. Bah!
    (His like those guy in drama or movies, who looks manly, but very shy and quiet and one way or another was forced to act "girly" and sweet. Lols!)

How much do i prefer this over Wonder Boys? I don't know, honestly, there isn't much JoKwon-ness in here for me to prefer this over Wonder Boys =P! LOLS SO MEAN!

pps: Don't get me wrong lar! JoKwon is a good entertainer ok! He plays his "roles" very well. It always shocks me when i see him perform on Korean music shows like MusicBank, when he sang 친구의 고백 with fellow 2PM (2AM?) members. It's like... OMG IS THAT JOKWON?. So manly there ok!! And his a good singer (and i like him best in the group so far)!
That said, you how first impressions are always most important?
And because JoKwon's first impression on me is well... yeah... so... yeah =P!

Henceforth, it's like forevermore, to me, secretly in my own head (ok not so secret anymore again)... it's like he had always wanted to be

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