Tuesday, June 09, 2009


I am the happiest girl alive.

I've been to Australia Zoo!
(and even splatted on the sign!)

It was like the euphoric feeling couldn't stop even after the trip! I was smiling like the world is made out of all things good and sweet, it was just the best feeling in the world! I was really so happy!
That said, now looking back at my pictures now, a little regret why i didn't take more pictures of myself there! There's only a few!! (and not like i can go back there anytime soon!)
I guess i was just too happy being there i forgot about everything else =P!

The best part of the trip was being able to meet Charlie, Bindi and Graham, the three crocodiles!! I've seen them on tee-vee so many times, being able to see them in real life was just amazing! Very unbelievable! They are so beautiful (or the proper term, "What a beauty!")!

Then the "highlight" of the trip! I manage to see Terri Irwin (only her back though, but she said "Hi" to my cousin sister!) and met Bindi Irwin, i even took a (group) photo with her (^^ )!! Shame i wouldn't be able to meet Steve =).

As a little girl, i know that i love animals. I'm amazed by them! Apart from the cartoon channels, i also like watching Discovery Channel or Animal Planet (depends what program though).
And definitely, i've been watching Crocodile Hunter since i could ever remember! So Steve Irwin has sorta been like a childhood hero to me, or at least, a conservationist i highly respect. I've learned so much from him!

For starters, his entertaining and funny, it's definitely better than watching other boring educational programs ("Conservation through Exciting Education"!)! Another thing is he really reaches to his audience! You really learn educational conservation messages from him, and it really makes you feel like you want (and can) make a difference! I wouldn't be surprised if i'm so go-go on conservation (though i know i'm still far from purr-fect) because i was influenced by him!
A few things i've learned, just because an animal looks ugly to the "ordinary human", it doesn't mean they are "bad". In fact, i love crocodiles, lizards (exotic, not the common house type) and even snakes. It's probably an indirect influence from too many episodes of the Crocodile Hunter =P! (ooh, and i remember calling an Iguana cute once, and my brother stared at me weirdly =P!)

His one of the person that i really want to meet! I remember telling my dad that i wanted to go to Australia Zoo and meet Steve Irwin! And after so many years finally, i was able to go to Australia Zoo!! Too bad i was 3 years late, but it's ok, because it's just such an amazing place, it's great just to be there! It's the best place ever!

I'll definitely write about it another day! Let me just immerse myself in the happy feeling that i've finally made it to Australia Zoo (^^ )!~


ps: Haha, this entry (about Steve) was sorta 3 years late =P! I just couldn't get myself to finish writing it, but yeah, i finally did (^^ )!

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