Monday, June 15, 2009

I miss Australia.

I remember doing this quiz on FB some time back (when the new FB came around and everyone started the "doing-quiz-craze"), on which country i should live in (something like that, can't find it now), and i got Australia.

Because apparently, it's Beach+City+People+Wildlife+Outdoor etc all in one, all the things which i truly love!

That said, the time i got that "answer", i actually doubted it because i've never even given Australia a thought (even though i really like that place, or to be more specific, Gold Coast). I mean, i'm happy being in Malaysia!

That was before i was *really there*, and so now...
(and i super miss BOOST!)

I miss just about everything of it! Even the freakingishly cold Adelaide weather (i honestly wonder how did i survived Seoul last year? Did i get weaker in just a years time?) to the super windy (but very sunny yeah) Gold Coast's Surfers Paradise!! I love and adore Australia so much, it's like falling in love over and over again everyday i wake up =)!

And i get to do all this fantastic things which i had always wanted to do! In fact, i've accomplished like... half of the things on my "To-Do-List"! Doesn't that just tell you something about the amazingness and wonderness of Australia?
(ok, i sound like a travel agent or something now, i hope i don't jinx this!)

Then again, as much as i love it there... i know there's something, or to be more specific, SOMEONE, that keeps pulling me back to Malaysia.
And everyone knows who that someone is =)!

The Hee with the Hee necklace (^^ )!
I'm home baby (^^ )!

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