Thursday, July 09, 2009

Do you Twitt?

Have been thinking of getting Twitter for the longest time, but just... didn't. I thought it'll be cool that i can update my thoughts etc blah blah whenever i want, using my phone and don't need the computer blah blah blah...

Though now i still can't, but anyways, LeggyPoo got me to Twitt. And i've Twitt. So do you Twitt? Follow my extremely boring and lame thoughts and thinkings which are also weird, retarded and definitely random at _eikochan.

Someone had already taken eikochan, and she didn't even use it. Jeez!
If you don't use that name, then DELETE IT ALREADY! You're taking my nickname which i've been using for years!

So anyways, since i can't have *that* nickname, and i can't think of anything else (and it's either eiko-chan or eikochan, no eiko_chan, sorry, very anal with the way the words are supposed to be etc), so _eikochan it is.
LeggyPoo thinks it's super difficult to type, but what the heck, i'm awesome and special so i shall have a special nickname =D!

Oh yeah!

ps: I suspect the "awesome" part is the result of too much "How I Met Your Mother" (or possibly due to the effects of living with HRH Princess Kim HeeChul). I usually use fab for myself.


Am@n3 said...

tweety bird!

eiko-chan said...

Go get one! Hahaha!