Thursday, July 23, 2009

Pemasu Berbulu dan Putera Setengah-Darah.

Gosh i love direct-translating movie titles to Malay. Like Pemadam. Hahaha =P!

Yes, become "해리 포터" dee now!

To keep things short, i don't like the movie! In fact, i don't like all of Harry's movies!
Never had, never did... and since this is already the SIXTH movie, i think maybe i can say never will!
Then again, two more movies ahead! Things might change!
On the other hand, book 6 is one of the really good books (all of them are, but i favour book 6 and 7!), but the movie... er... well, we'll see!

That said, i do like some (very little) of the changes!
I also like the wall of fire part when Dumbly-dorr summoned fire to try save Berbulu... i mean, Harry! Super cool! He looks like Gandalf there, hahaha!

And i like the jokes they make, Rupert Grint's awesome! His my favourite in the movie!
And the twins are awesome possum, as usual (too bad there's so little of them!)! Plus this one Dumbledore's a lot better, not so PMS-y.

But ooh, it's depressing seeing Weasley's house on fire!! Why didn't they just use the Aquamenti spell? Even if it's a cursed fire, at least try lar! Just looking at their house burn nya!! What turf!!

And one thing i seriously have to point out! Don't think i have said it before, anyways...
I like Emma Watson! Pretty, good actress and all...
She's like a PMS woman strutting around Hogswart!!
Sorry, but it's true, at least in my opinion!

To me, Hermoine has always been a smart, calm, witty, intelligent and pretty girl, but the Hermoine in the movie just failed to portray so to me! I failed to "feel" the smart part from her, i just sense anger most of the time what turf!

One last thing, i like the little details they add in the movie!
Do you remember the last scene on Dumbly-dorr's table? Did you see anything particular on the table, something special, on it which was not in the book (at least, after millions of rereading the same book i'm sure they don't have this part!)?
LEMON SHERBET (or at least, that's what i think those sweets are!)!! His favourite sweet!

I always like little details you spot yourself in drama and movies! It shows how detailed the movie makers are =D!

This also mark the first movie i ever watch oversea! =D
Not one which i'll say it's my favourite, but it's a big enough movie and good enough to make the mark (^^ )!

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