Saturday, July 11, 2009

I'm not excited about Harry Potter's new movie release.

No seriously, i'm not.

And seriously, i think this movie poster's a bit gay. I've seen a few of their posters and i think all the quotes (which i think they get from the book) all sounded totally wrong.

Considering what a big Potter fan i am, having read all the books a gazilionth time... am seriously not even the least excited that it's releasing soon.

Last year when they changed the release date, i was like "oh ok" and wasn't even bothered by the change. But maybe because Twilight played a huge part, but anyways...
Malaysia's release date is next week, and i'm not even hyped about it! And Half-Blood Prince is one of my favourite books (actually all of them are, except Chamber of Secrets and Order of the Phoenix which i've reread the least, maybe only billionth times nya)!

Hmm... except ooh! I'll get to see Daniel Radcliffe again! That's a reason to be excited! And Rupert Grint! His just hilarious!

But boys aside, it isn't exactly a secret that i never like all the Potter movies. I mean, i will and want to watch it! And it's definitely nice not having to use my imagination once in a while, but seriously, the movies has never really done it for me.

Yeah yeah, i know the "cannot-follow-exactly-as-the-book" theory blah-blah, which i've heard like a million times (probably because i've said a million times how i don't like the movie)... and i've also explain it a million times! There are books which movie is so much more nicer than the book! And those movie made loads of changes too, but it's still nicer (than the book)!

Personally, my theory is that it goes down to how much of "author involvement" there are in the movie, and maybe how good the script writers are. Those movies (which i've mentioned are nicer than the books) all contain the feel and excitement you get when you read the book, and even though there are changes, they stick to the feeling you get from the book, so maybe that's why. The author plays a huge part in making sure filmmakers don't go too far from it!

All in all, i'm definitely going to watch the movie asap! And certainly am going to rewatch the older Potter movies, but as i said, i *still* think that Potter movies are not really good! But i really do hope this one proves me wrong (^^ )!

ps: Reading (Harry Potter) rocks!!

pps: The Dumbledore from the 3rd movie onwards is just about as favourable as a pile of Stinksaps.

ppps: I love using quotes and everything from Harry Potter to describe stuffs etc! Haven't been doing it a lot these days, but still! It's nice =D!

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Am@n3 said...

i'm not exchited either. although i have never been a fan.
But still... i remember when's the release date too.. -_-"