Sunday, July 12, 2009

My theory on being a picky eater.

You see, a lot of people said i'm a picky eater. I don't deny it. I'm very picky with the taste. I think it has something to do with me being a Penang-kia, but anyways...

For example:
I don't eat taugeh. Ugh, loathe it! I think this is my most un-Penang-ish ways, because i seriously hate taugeh!!
I can actually spend the first few minutes before indulging on my delicious plate of Char Koey Tiao picking out ALL the taugeh, no matter how small they are, out, so that not a single one is left!
I could've ordered one without the taugeh, but i have this theory (oh yeah, i have lots of theory) the CKT won't taste good if it's not fried with taugeh, that's why i rather spend time having to pick them out.
HOWEVER, once i tried CKT without the taugeh, and it actually tasted EVEN BETTER. Since then, i'm converted. CKT without taugeh is the bomb! Hah, take that taugeh!

Anyways, back to my theory on me being a picky eater... hehehe.
A lot of people said i'm picky, but ahah, you see...

I don't eat a lot of types of food which most people will eat. (Like taugeh.)
BUT... i eat a lot of types food which most people won't eat.

So... whose the picky eater now?
(duh, majority over minority, so i'm still the picky eater =P! You've got to realize halfway through this entry that it's just another one of my bo-liao entries right? Hehehe!)

ps: But apparently, even though i'm a Penang-kia (born in Penang), but most said i'm a KL-lang dee, since i've been staying here all my life. What turf. Identity crisis.

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