Thursday, July 02, 2009

On getting my hair dyed.

I find i should've update my Blog with some stuffs to make it more interesting. Not like it was interesting before, but, you know, i like to think that it was (and still is) interesting =D!

Anyways, the most interesting thing that happened today (apart from me going totally fangirly in the cinema watching 17 Again. I don't care what people say man! To hell with peer pressure! I think Zac Efron is HOT and i shall say his HOT dammit! I like boys who looked clean and like they've been under a shower! OCD-much but whatever! Zac Efron's HOT!)... is probably reading XiaXue's Blog!

Personally, i agree with what XiaXue said about the dyeing-your-hair-part. I also think the other guy was a bit too quick to judge someone else he probably don't know even a pinch off (except from appearance). I shall end what i say here in case i got spewed into the whole issue-thingy, because i've read some other Blogs commenting about it and i do have some points i wanted to point out, but nah, i seriously very malas to argue with people, because chances are you'll never see the end to it (depending who though, i've debated with some really nice people before who disagreed with me, but at the same time respected it's my opinion and don't force me to see things their way nor judge me for whatever basis i make my point, which i really like =D!).

I honestly don't like it when things turned to a heated debate. To me, if you don't like what you see or read, go away (thats what i did with the Blogs i mentioned above). It's just that simple. You can disagree with things (and made sure you are heard), but you cannot force people to see things your way (nor judge or insult them, it's just wrong).
(ps: i can find a hundred different arguments to go against what i've just said, but i shan't bother with covering the loopholes, even though kena a lot of time before when people just take you very generally for what you say even if you're trying to convey something else).

So putting this part to a stop, it's like someone going to a Big Bang concert and complain, scolded them and asked for SHINee.
Erm, hello, Big Bang concert lar, it's not like you're forced there! Just go to SHINee concert lar!

Besides, the main reason why i'm writing this is about hair-dyes, not anything else, mind.

I agree with most of what XiaXue said about getting your hair dyed. It's ridiculous to say the reason i dyed my hair is because i'm trying to be someone else. Pfft!!

For one, i have been dyeing my hair for quite some time (hmm, round 4 years to be exact?). From darker colour, to some slightly reddish-copper-aunty-colour (OMG!) to even slightly brighter and lighter (to some extend perhaps lala too) colour which Joyce refers to as Ronald MacDonald hair. Rofl!

The reason why i dye my hair is, well, apart from because i wanted to cover up some of my gray hair (not like it matters because they will still magically grow strand-by-strand), but anyways, the main reason is because it's fun to get different colours for your hair! I always change my hair colour!

I know the judgments some people will pass on me without understanding the reason why, and some of them don't even know me ok! But i honestly don't care. And mind, because i always cut my hair, i don't bother (at all) to touch-up the roots because i know next month or so i'll probably get a new colour, so why bother? And it's nice getting new colours! It's exciting (to some extend)!
Ok, and apparently i think i have hair colour issues as well.
I can look at my hair colour one minute, is totally in love with it, and then hate it the next. What turf.

But it's still ok lar, considering i change colour with every hair cut, so i can change colour until i find one which i like! =D

And regarding bleaching my hair blonde, i honestly honestly wanted to do that!! HOWEVER, well, a few reasons had been holding me back.
  • How if it turned out wrong and is those very fake yellow instead?
  • Damaged hair (actually i looked passed this point, but thought i'll just add it here)
  • How if it doesn't look good on me (actually i looked passed this point too; my theory is to just hide for one month if *I* (not you) think it doesn't look good on myself)
But ultimately...
  • It's freaking expensive ok! You need a few bleach jobs to get it properly done, and i don't like the sound of that AND how much (the $$) it'll sound too.

So that said, even ME MYSELF wanted to try bleached blonde ok, and most people around me would know that i'm not the biggest fan of angmohs IN GENERAL. To be blunt, i don't like angmohs (in general). Yes, stereotypical and general comment blah-blah (on why i don't like angmohs). But why can't i be so when angmohs themselves stereotype girls with dyed hair are trying to be angmoh? Even angmohs stereotype Asians ok, why can't i stereotype them (on why i don't really like them)?

So ok, i wanted to bleach my hair to blonde... and i don't really like them... er... so why do i want to *be* them?

You can say because i'm trying to "pass myself off as Japanese or Korean" - which i DON'T, i only want to be myself and do whatever that *I* like, or what i think is cool, and not according to what YOU think or like - but seriously... trying to be angmoh?? Are you kidding me? What turf.
(I myself have disagreeing opinions on Japanese and Korean society's typical view on matter of appearance, so no way am i trying to be them, because it would made me a hypocrite.)

You don't have to "want to be angmoh" just by bleaching (or dyeing) your hair. That's just turfing judgmental AND stereotyping.

ps: And btw i don't like it when people say angmohs come to Asia to look for Asian woman!! Too stereotype opinion. Even though, i know it's difficult when er... sometimes you see a presumably less-attractive old angmoh guy with a hot young girl...
I want to go to Australia lor! But that doesn't mean because i want to marry an angmoh (though it does sound nice to have mix-kids), i just like it there!

And about angmohs attracted to Asians because they look Asians. What turf??? Racist much?? Cannot that the angmoh is attracted to the Asian girl (or vice versa) because they love each other very much and all those stuff?? Must it be about the appearance? Like that how if the angmoh is trying to look like an Asian (in theory it could happen)? I better don't look for an angmoh boyfriend dee, later people say my boyfriend is shallow because he only wants to be with me because i looked Asian. I'm so considerate towards my future (which is not likely to happen at all unless if it's Zac Efron or Lucas Till or Aaron Johnson) boyfriend. What turf!!

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