Thursday, July 30, 2009

Korea Beauty Brands!

It's a good thing when your favourite brand is endorsed by your favourite celebrity (^^ )!
I think i'm a living, walking contradictions of ironies.

Ok, it doesn't make sense.

I often emphasized that i'm not a girly girl, and yet, i think i'm super obsessed with Etude House, which is perhaps the girliest, fluffiest, laciest and frilliest beauty brand in Korea.
And i super heart it ok! Ever since i chance upon it last year!

I don't know, i guess i like it's sweet smell, and i'm ok with this shade of pink! Or maybe it's just the fancy stuffs they have that i like!
Anyways, the best part is this time around is it's endorsed by Lee MinHo =D!

So charming!
I super heart that guy, his so Choi SiWon-ish adorable =D!
(Last year wasn't bad too, Jang GeunSeok!!)

Then of course, not forgetting Kyochon and my 13 boys (^^ )! You don't know how happy i am when i know that they are Kyochon's latest spokesperson! Kyochon is my favourite fried chicken outlet after KFC ok, so don't siao-siao! You need to be like... super good to be ranked up there! And it's not because of Shinhwa or the 13 =P!
Too bad i didn't get the poster then, but oh well! It's ok (^^ )!

... ok, don't see the connection between beauty shops and fried chicken shops but anyways...

When i was in Korea this time, i think i visited like... almost every "beauty shop" in MyeongDong (they have like... 5 Etude House outlets there alone, all which i've entered and bought something from what turf) except Skin Food (never like this brand) and Innisfree (nothing attracted me to go in).

Ah, and then there's The Face Shop!
Let's just say it *used* to be my favourite brand (before Etude House attacks), but they had to change their spokesperson to Bae YongJun instead of the handsome Kwon SangWoo (my favourite married celebrity whose a father, hahaha!).

But of course, you shouldn't "judge a brand" by who endorses it! It's the extra freebies they give! So i still pay The Face Shop a visit, just to see if there's anything i can get, but alas...
You'll get pushed (away) even if all you want to do is stand in the middle of the shop!

How do you bloody shop when the whole shop's full of Japanese ladies all going, "Yon-sama, Yon-sama"!
Ok, maybe they didn't go around calling "Yon-sama", but it's the same, super pack with Japanese ladies (ahjummas?)!

I lost the mood to shop, so i just dropped whatever i had in my hands, and left.
Why shop there when Etude's just across the road, kekeke XD!

Overall, this trip has been fruitful =D!
Love the freebies, especially the Lee MinHo goodies! Nyans!

Might post about it another day, if i'm not lazy, hahaha!

ps: Wah, this post is so totally pointless and meaningless. I just wasted cyberspace, boo!

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