Saturday, August 01, 2009

How adorable can you get?

I was out the whole day (from round 1pm-ish?), and when i got home (round 11pm-ish), HeeChul came running to me, and loudly MEOWED in a high-pitched voice to get my attention. It's also her way of "scolding" me ("Why were you out so late? Why did you leave me alone?").

Of course, feeling guilty, i apologized by saying "Sorry sorry..." (no wonder the boys 3rd album is called "SORRY, SORRY", because apparently it's one of the words i say most to HeeChul. How ironic can this be?), and she was telling me (well, more like showing to me, body language) to follow her, so i did.

I followed her into the kitchen. She was purring all the way as we walked there. Initially i thought it's because she wanted me to accompany her when she eats her biscuits (yes, she is a Princess!), but when i stood near her food bowl, she walks off and went behind the kitchen's island. I followed and saw the plate she uses to eat her canned wet food there. She give me another small meow and stood next to the plate, still purring and looking at me with a misty expression.

You know what she wants!

It's her way of telling me to make up to her by giving her more canned wet food! OMG! Honestly, how adorable can you get? Hilarious XD!

Update on 4th August 2009:
Mom bought KFC for me for lunch and left it on the floor. Was playing with JungSu my phone so didn't bother with the lunch first, when HeeChul came running to me and MEOWED~~~ while sniffing the KFC, to show that she wants some!

I had to get my ass off and eat my lunch so as to feed her (i remove the skin and oily parts, only giving her the meat). I think i'm spoiling her a tad too much nya (= =")?

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