Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Hello BoyBoy.

How are you?

I miss you so so so so so much!
So many things had happened that i wanted to tell you, but i expect you already know yeah?

You know, sometimes i curse the day my hard disk died.
Because it contained so many beautiful pics of you and Girl Girl. Beautiful pics which are valuable, irreplaceable and priceless. From the first day till then.
But it's ok, because i know where all the happy memories are =)!

Some people might laugh when they read this, but let's not blame them. Everyone is different, nobody would truly understand how special you are to me. To everyone, you're just another pet. But to me, there's only one you.

Ah, there's so many things i want to write here, but i just couldn't put myself to put it in to words. Oh well! At least i know how i really felt! Sometimes you don't need to express stuffs out yah?

I'm still coping now, but i'll do fine! Still learning how to deal with departures, but hmm... i think i've progressed =D! It just won't do to avoid unpleasant stuffs right?

Everyone at home miss you so much.
But don't worry, we're all doing a-ok~! We're strong yo!

Love you Boy!~ (^^ )

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